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As the Stomach Turns

The lawyer tells John Ross that the videos they've found prove that he's the one who brought Veronica/Marta into the deal. "You have no way to hide from this anymore," he says. Elena stops outside the study just in time to overhear all the nitty-gritty, including the bit about John Ross asking Veronica to impersonate Marta. John Ross turns to Christopher for help, but Christopher never passes up a chance to shout. Why is he acting so surprised? He's known all along that John Ross knew Marta as Veronica thanks to the World's Tamest Sex Tape. John Ross offers to confess to the whole thing as long as nobody ever tells Elena about it. Nobody needs to tell her, because she's standing right there. "You lied about everything," she says. She makes the same exact face when she's feeling sad and betrayed as when she's about to have sex with someone.

She runs off and John Ross chases after her. He tries to explain, saying he wants to be a better person for Elena, but she's not having it. She starts to take off her ring, but he asks her to wait. "I know you're angry... but meet me tomorrow at the Ewing Energies space. It'll be a new beginning for us." She holds off on returning the ring, but walks away.

Ann pays her ex a visit. She took the time to curl her hair, too. She tearfully admits defeat. "You sent me that necklace. You brought up the past, made me a wreck," she says. "And now Sue Ellen? I know you're blackmailing her just to get to me." Ryland doesn't try to deny most of Ann's accusations, but he says the Sue Ellen thing has nothing to do with her. He blabs his whole plan to her, then cozies up to her, implying he might change his mind if she's "in the mood" for something else. He starts to unbutton her blouse. She snatches his hand away and does it herself as Ryland looks on with lip-smacking lechery. She reveals her lacy purple bra... and the tiny microphone therein. Ha! "You make a move against me, Sue Ellen, or any member of my family... you're goin' to jail." Ryland somehow does not die outright from the sheer intensity of her glare. He makes like he's going to grab the microphone, so she punches him in the face. Is it fantastic? It is Ann-tastic! As he stands there bleeding, she tosses in one last threat about the business end of her shotgun and storms off.

Frank Ashkani is at Casa de Cano. He's working on Cliff Barnes's behalf, buying both Vicente's lien on Southfork as well as his share of the methane doohickey. An insane amount of money must be involved for Vicente to give up all the methane in South American waters. Federal agents interrupt before Vicente can sign the papers.

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