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As the Stomach Turns

Elena takes off her engagement ring and heads off to presumably to end things with John Ross. Alas, Christopher comes running up to her and starts rattling off their romantic timeline. It starts when they were kids and Christopher wanting to protect her after her father died. It should be sweet, but it makes one wonder how that stupid email could have had the power to break them up after all that history. Why would she have believed he sent it, or at least not confronted him? Why wouldn't he have looked harder for her after she didn't show up at the church? It's all so dumb. Christopher insists that he and Rebecca are through. He's made almost the same exact speech before and Elena's main concern was for the babies, but now that she's single, too, she's suddenly a lot more amenable. He gives her back her old engagement ring and makes some really horrible faces approximating crying.

Sue Ellen makes a big speech about the governor's race and the last few weeks that have been so difficult. She's staying in the race, so that'll be an arc for next season. Meanwhile, John Ross waits in the new office space. Maybe he should have specified a time when asking Elena to meet him there. When the elevator dings, he gets all excited, but it's just Carmen. She gives him Elena's ring. What a douche move.

Rebecca returns to the airplane hangar. Now there's an airplane, onto which the hardworking men of Corpse-B-Gone load Tommy's remains. "Thank you for taking care of this," Rebecca says to her mystery person. It's Frank. "We told you not to hire the Sutter boy," he says. Wait, wait. Why was Tommy trying on his own to sell the methane doohickey to Frank? Was Frank trying to buy it out from under Cliff? Frank lectures her on her shitty conning abilities. "I know I screwed up," she says. "Don't explain it to me, explain it to your father," Frank says. She turns toward the plane. Cliff Barnes walks out. "You're just like your aunt Pamela," he says. "I couldn't trust her and I can't trust you." He's the one who bought the rings at the pawnshop, too. He says he'll give her one more chance to make him proud. They're going to take down Ewing Energies. He tells Frank to take care of Rebecca. "When the Ewings find out what's what, there's going to be a firestorm." Rebecca's all determined to do things right this time, now that Christopher has threatened to take the babies. "So, what's our first move, Miss Barnes?" Frank asks. Rebecca looks like she's having evil thoughts. Awesome.

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