The Enemy of My Enemy

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Mineral Rights? Mineral Wrongs!
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Upon rewatching the episode and reading posts in the forum, it's clear I got the wrong end of the stick about some of the details in the recaplet. It wasn't Jock Ewing's safe deposit box, but Miss Ellie's father's. I think I blocked it out because the latter makes even less sense than the alternative. Also, it was really boring. I may have zoned out a bit. But here's the weecap, with what actually happened.

John Ross and Elena watch the cattle grazing in the fields beyond her cottage. John Ross remembers being a kid and looking forward to the day Southfork would be his. "It's funny how life always seems more complicated than you imagined it would be," he muses. "Especially in this family." Oh, boo-frickin'-hoo. You're the one who started the big complicated ball rolling, so quit complaining. He's also worried about Christopher doing something, but Elena's all, "You had nothing to do with the fraud, so what could he possibly do?" He seems to feel a little guilty, but not so guilty that he comes clean. He just reminds Elena that Christopher is a lying meanie who likes to say mean, lying things to her. As he heads off to work, Elena calls after him. "I don't believe in the war, but I believe in the warrior."

That puts him in a good enough mood to talk to Bobby. Things go from "I think I'll have some coffee" to "I'll kick you out of this house" pretty much instantly. They puff up their chests and trade a few insults, but before they can start pecking each other's eyes out, John Ross's foreman interrupts with bad news. When he hears that Ryland has ordered the tankers away from Southfork, John Ross immediately gets suspicious. "Ryland? Isn't that your wife's ex-husband's outfit, Uncle Bobby?" Bobby looks dyspeptic. John Ross accuses Bobby of sending Ann to do his dirty work for him. He walks away before Bobby can punch him in the eyes.

At the Condo of Impending Divorce, Rebecca hides a folder just as Tommy walks in. He complains about wanting to get out of the state because Texans are too nice. I'm a Texan and I just wanted to see a man get punched in the eyes. So shut the hell up, hon. Rebecca grabs the folder when Tommy's not looking and makes some excuse about needing fresh air. Tommy -- not used to his sister conning him -- doesn't notice anything suspicious.

Back at Southfork, Bobby confronts Ann about the miraculously disappearing tankers. She admits she's responsible. "I just saw how upset you were and thought it might help," she says. "I know you wanted to slow John Ross down --" He cuts her off. "Don't you think that's something we should have talked about first?" In the version of this scene that happens in my mind, Ann points out Bobby's being a big, annoying hypocrite seeing as how he sold off their family home and land without talking it over. Then she extends one fabulously long leg and kicks him in the groin from across the room. In the version that happens on the show, Ann is very contrite and near tears. Bobby dreads the day her deal with Ryland comes back to bite them in the ass. It cannot come soon enough.

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