The Enemy of My Enemy

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Mineral Rights? Mineral Wrongs!

Back to Hoarders: Dallas Edition. Bobby and Christopher finally make their way to Grandpa's desk and find what looks like a safe deposit key.

Elena took Rebecca to the hospital to get her checked out. Everybody knows she's pregnant by now, right? When any woman on TV under the age of 50 suddenly feels ill in any way, it means she's pregnant. Rebecca apologizes for the email Tommy sent to Elena, disavows any prior knowledge of it and then wishes Elena happiness with Christopher. Elena says that's not going to happen, but that it's Christopher's fault, not Tommy or Rebecca's. While Elena's there in the hospital, maybe she could have some tests run to figure out why she doesn't move her jaw when she talks.

For some reason, John Ross is working out of his rumpled bedroom at the ranch instead of his trailer. Vicente the Venezuelan pays him a visit. Vicente regards the room with a slight air of distaste, picking up empty beer bottles and bits of refuse. Vicente keeps his tone friendly, but the threat behind it is clear: if John Ross doesn't get production up and running again, there will be hell to pay. During their conversation, John Ross glances over at a holstered gun slung over his chair. Somebody better get shot with that before the season is out.

John Ross puts on a decent shirt and goes to ask his mama for help. He wants her to talk to Harris Ryland, whom she knows socially. Actually, he wants her to bribe him as the future governor of Texas. Sue Ellen hesitates. "When I got into this race, I made a promise to my backers, my supporters --" "Screw your promises!" John Ross snits. "You've been compromising everything with me since I was born!" He tells her about the Venezuelans threatening him. She offers to find another way to help him, but he pouts about how she won't do what he asks and how some things never change, which, you know, shut up, John Ross. He got his own damn self into this mess and now he wants Mama to bail him out. If you want to swim with the pir-an-yahs, don't slather yourself with bacon and then complain when you get bit.

John Ross goes to his condo to get angry and throw some stuff around. With impeccable timing, Marta shows up, all dressed to the nines and apologizes for being so jealous. She wants to get back together with him, but he's not having any of her craziness. He ticks off a list of her sins, then shoves her right back into the hallway and closes the door in her face. Sometime -- not too long from now -- he's going to remember how his daddy told him to be nicer to Marta.

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