The Enemy of My Enemy

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Mineral Rights? Mineral Wrongs!

Christopher and Bobby go to the bank, where Grandpa's safe deposit box has remained unopened since his death. Who's been paying the rent on this thing? And why are Christopher and Bobby allowed access without any legal documents? Maybe Grandpa gave the bank permission before he died, even though, according to Bobby, he was just a kid at the time. It's probably better not to think too much about it. Among the assorted family trinkets and photos, they find the original mineral rights trust.

John Ross seeks comfort at Elena's cottage, but notices right away that something is amiss. The door is open when it should be closed. A faint whiff of bat shit hangs in the air. Elena is none the wiser and goes to start them a nice bubble bath. That's when John Ross sees what Marta has left them in the kitchen. Is it a bunny in the stew pot? No, it's the surveillance photo of John Ross canoodling with Elena, pinned by a knife to the cutting board. He goes outside to ask two ranch hands named Ace and Buck (ah, Texas names!) to keep an eye on Elena. They take up posts outside the cottage, rifles at the ready... like Elena's not going to wonder about that. John Ross races over to Marta's hotel. He even still calls her that. She's already packed up and left.

Vegas. Cliff's driver, Frank Ashkani, drops by J.R.'s hotel room to find out why he's been making inquiries about his boss. J.R. wangles himself an invitation to one of Cliff's poker games, even though the buy-in is a staggering $1 million. After Frank leaves, J.R. tells Bum to get the money from Carlos Del Sol and do some digging on Ashkani. He doesn't buy that Ashkani is just a driver. He's also a starship captain.

Southfork. Fearing for Elena's safety, John Ross sets Bum on Marta's trail, although what he expects Bum to do about it is kind of a mystery. He's not evil enough to have her killed and anything short of that will probably just drive her even crazier. Meanwhile, a bouquet of freesias arrives for Ann. At first she thinks it's a gift from Bobby to apologize for their fight, but then she sees the card. It's from her ex. There's also a small antique-looking locket, the sight of which brings Ann immediately to tears. She sobs and crumples to her knees. Bobby sees this and rushes over to her, but she pushes him away. He finds Harris Ryland's card lying on the ground and fumes.

He's still fuming when he charges into Ryland's office and backhands him right in the middle of a meeting. He even shoves a guy who tries to intervene. "You stay away from Ann," Bobby says to Ryland. Instead of calling the cops or even fighting back, everybody just watches Bobby charge back out the way he came.

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