The Enemy of My Enemy

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Mineral Rights? Mineral Wrongs!

Christopher and Rebecca cross paths just long enough for him to tell her the info she gave them was legit. He's not ready to forgive her, but he does seem to have softened a bit. At least he doesn't cartoon shout at her.

Sue Ellen puts on a tight little zipper dress and has a chat with Ryland. She promises him a post on the Texas Railroad Commission if he agrees to send his tankers back to Southfork. She looks like she's swallowing razor blades the whole time, but manages a smile at the end. Surprisingly, he does not take her up on the offer. "I can't allow you to compromise yourself like that," he says. He says he'll reinstate his trucks. At first, Sue Ellen is terribly relieved, but then he writes a big fat check for her campaign and she realizes she'll be compromising herself in some even bigger way in the future.

The trucks roll back onto Southfork. Ann puts on the mystery locket and looks sad. Bobby and Christopher present John Ross with the trust document. John Ross is at a loss as to what this means, so Christopher explains: "Your father may own Southfork, but mine controls the mineral rights." So what it all comes down to is... "My daddy can beat up your daddy!"

Condo of Possibly Averted Divorce. Rebecca gets a call from her doctor. The news she gets stuns her so much that she has to sit down. Tommy comes in, all het up about the trust document. (He found out about it through the spyware on Christopher's laptop.) He starts in on Rebecca, but she's not having it. She says she's tired of him pushing her around. "You and I are done, Tommy." She gives him her wedding and engagement rings, tells him to sell them and get out of Dallas. "What are you talking about?" he asks. "I'm talking about me and Christopher," she says. "You're right -- I'm in love with him." Pause! "And I'm pregnant!" And that's the cliffhanger for the episode. The news is supposed to be the thing that keeps us in suspense, but the real mystery is why she would tell her money-hungry brother this when he's looking for any possible way to extort the Ewings. Man, this show really suffers when there's minimal J.R.

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