The Last Hurrah

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Blackmail and Barbecue

J.R. drops by Sue Ellen's office to give her Miss Ellie's pearls. Before he can get much into the sweet talk, Cliff Barnes walks in. "Well, what do we have here? An angel talking to the devil!" J.R.'s eyebrows lower like the horns of a bull getting ready to charge. Sue Ellen says Cliff is giving her some political advice. The old coots start hurling insults at each other before Sue Ellen drags Cliff off to their lunch date. J.R. starts plotting Cliff's demise.

Rebecca meets up with John Ross outside an abandoned building. He shows her the email, which she claims not to have sent. John Ross rolls his eyes and threatens to expose her to Christopher. That would be dumb of him though, wouldn't it? Christopher would almost certainly go running back to Elena, which is the opposite of what John Ross wants. Rebecca should probably realize this, but instead crumples under the pressure. Worst con ever. She agrees to get pictures of Lobell's son doing drugs in exchange for John Ross's silence.

Later, Elena finds John Ross at his favorite bar (the one that doesn't serve Chinese drinks) and asks him for some business help. She says she's found an old oil well on Miss Henderson's property that she thinks is sitting on another big reservoir, but Henderson won't hear her out. "You were always better with people than me," she says. A little more charm and he's agreed to talk to the reluctant Miss Henderson. From a little ways down the bar, Bum watches with interest.

Back on Southfork, Bobby and Christopher work on a busted fence. Bobby senses something is awry in his son's love life. Christopher doesn't want to talk about it. A ranch hand drives up and tells them a pregnant cow is about to give birth to a metaphor and she's having some difficulty, on account of how painfully forced it is. Bobby rushes off to help the cow while Christopher scowls at the fence.

John Ross woos Miss Henderson and then he and Elena head out into the field to check the old well head. Elena has some crazy Maleficent cheekbones on her. John Ross ignores another call from Marta so that he can get into a playful hose fight with Elena. This turns into light wrestling, which turns into hugging, which turns into staring into each other's eyes. Bum snaps pictures of it all from a short distance away. Every time Elena hugs a guy, someone is there to take blackmail pictures of it. Bum calls J.R. "I finally got something good on your boy," he says. "Finally"? Didn't he only start working on this that morning?

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