Truth and Consequences

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Rebecca's still in the middle of telling Christopher about the mystery email that ruined his and Elena's relationship. She prefaces her confession with declarations of love, but finally admits that it was her brother Tommy who sent the email. Rebecca claims she only knew where Christopher would be on the not-so-fateful day they first met. I can't tell if Julie Gonzalo is terrible in this scene or if Rebecca is supposed to come across like she's lying about it all. It seems painfully rehearsed, but is it the actress or the character? Christopher storms off into the opening credits.

He's worked up a full head of steam by the time he charges out into the middle of the barbecue and starts punching Tommy in the face. The fight could stand to go on for a while, but Bobby pulls Christopher off Tommy. The whole ugly mess comes out in front of the shocked guests. Tommy tries to take the blame for the whole thing, but nobody really cares. Bobby has a ranch hand drag him off the property. Christopher storms up to his bedroom to pack up his clothes, then ends up storming off the ranch without his suitcase. He does a lot of storming around in this episode. Elena, having witnessed the whole thing, apologizes to John Ross for not believing him. "I shouldn't have accused you of sending that email," she says. "I just need to know you're not going to chase after him," he says. This guy continues to act like such a neglected little puppy that I expect Sarah McLachlan's "In the Arms of an Angel" to start playing at any moment. Elena swears she and Christopher are through, what with him treating her like an expensive hooker with his $20,000 check. They hug and look sad. May they find some comfort there.

The next morning, Bobby and Ann have coffee and worry about Christopher. Bobby's pissed at both of the Sutter siblings, but Ann seems madder at Tommy than at Rebecca. As if they didn't have enough to worry about, a courier shows up to give them the papers proving that J.R. now owns Southfork. Wasn't this whole thing supposed to take a month? Maybe time passes quicker in Dallas than it does for the rest of the world. Anyway, Bobby charges into J.R.'s room all in a tizzy. J.R.'s explanation is that he found out Marta was planning on selling Southfork to Cliff Barnes. He thought it was odd, but figured that was the deal Bobby made. "When I heard that vulture Barnes was trying to steal Southfork, get his hands on the ranch and all the oil my boy found under it, I got a group of investors together and swooped in, and bought it from Del Sol." Ann and Bobby stare at him because they can't believe the wheelbarrow of crap he's pushing. J.R. promises to start drilling right away. "Ewing Oil is back in business!" J.R. ever so generously offers to allow Bobby to continue living at the ranch, positively glowing as Bobby stews in impotent rage. Ann says she'd been warned about J.R., "But never in my wildest imagination did I think you could stoop to this." J.R.: "Well, Annie, you're just gonna have to work on your imagination." Hee! Seriously, though. It's like these people keep forgetting who they're dealing with.

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