Truth and Consequences

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Christopher shows up just in time to get the quick recap about what happened and heads off to see Mitch Lobell with his father. Elena hears the whole thing, too, including Ann's suspicions that John Ross is involved.

Bobby and Christopher find Lobell's office abandoned and realize he was part of the scam, so they head on over to some other lawyers. The new lawyers have gone over all of the papers and give some crap explanation that could only make sense on TV. Basically, it boils down to this: Even though the sale of Southfork to the Del Sol Conservancy was a fraud, and Marta Del Sol was a fake and currently wanted by the police, somehow the sale from the fake conservancy to J.R. is still considered legitimate. The only way the sale can be undone is if they prove J.R. was involved with -- or at least knew about -- the scheme. Bobby should consider that these lawyers are also in on the scheme, because this whole thing is dumb.

Rebecca calls Christopher, but he doesn't answer his cell. Brother Tommy comes in toting boxes of files he took from the ranch and calls Rebecca the dumb one for screwing up their scam. If he's really the one behind that ridiculously traceable email, he hardly has room to talk. When Rebecca tries to walk away from their conversation, he grabs her wrist. "I put two years into this. I plan on coming out a millionaire." I wish they'd cast this guy as John Ross. He manages to sound threatening without sounding like he's about to stamp his feet and run off for a cry. Also, I hope Tommy and Rebecca aren't really supposed to be brother and sister, because they have better chemistry than any of the other young couples on the show.

Elena drops by John Ross's fancy apartment to drop the bomb on him that his daddy now owns Southfork. John Ross is utterly confused, seeing as how he was supposed to be in on the deal, but pleads his innocence to Elena. She doesn't believe him, but she'll come around. Everyone who's not a total black hat on this show seems to be profoundly gullible. After she wafts away in an air of disappointment, John Ross calls his daddy but only gets his voicemail.

When Bobby and Christopher return to Southfork, Ryland tanker trucks are already rolling onto the property. What the hell? They only have that one little test well so far. Bobby stews and tries to blow up the trucks with his mind, but it doesn't work. They go looking for J.R., but get the news from Ann that he left an hour ago. They fill her in on all the legal shenanigans. Christopher wants to start fighting dirty, but he makes his plea as if he's talking the other guys on the football team into stealing a rival's mascot. He just sounds like a little kid who's utterly out of his league. Bobby tries to assure him that they can beat J.R. fair and square, but Christopher just pouts and storms off.

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