Truth and Consequences

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Elena visits John Ross in his office near the drilling site. She admits she thinks Bobby is wrong, but says she can't be part of drilling on Southfork. "I can't be in the middle of that war." She says she understands why John Ross is doing what he's doing. "But promise me you had nothing to do with stealing Southfork," she says. "Promise me you're the man I think you are." He looks her square in the eyes and lies to her. She rewards him (and us!) by tearing off his shirt.

Later, Christopher confronts John Ross with the DVD. He threatens to show it to the police, implicating John Ross in fraud and conspiracy, unless John Ross helps him expose J.R. John Ross looks mildly worried. Is he worried about going to jail or did he forget to buy milk on the way home? Guess we'll find out next week.

Tippi Blevins is patiently awaiting a reboot of the TV classic about her own hometown -- Houston Knights. Email her at b_tippi@yahoo.com, or find her on Twitter at @TippiB.

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