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Abundans Cautela Non Nocet

Claire Maddox needs to invest in some regular pantyhose. Once again she is fiddling with her thigh high and reattaching her garter. She asks her guest to come zip her up. It's the waiter from the restaurant. I guess Claire owed him a tip. She pulls out a pack of cigarettes and the waiter is surprised. Claire informs him that she only smokes one, at the end of every day. Besides, she works at UNR -- you know she had some evil in her. Why not show it through smoking? The waiter offers to light it and she says no thanks, because she smokes alone. She walks out of the apartment and it is hard to tell whether they went to his place or whether she smokes outside her own apartment. Both scenarios seem unlikely because the apartment was huge and judging from the outside, it is in Soho and there is no fucking way that a waiter (a bad waiter, to boot) can afford a huge apartment in Soho. Unless he is a trustfund baby who waits tables for fun, because picking up strangers' dirty plates is a hoot! Claire sits on the stoop and blows smoke. Cut to the Cadillac, which is still parked on the rainy night in the alley-like street. Darrell Hammond gets in the car and types a number into the GPS. The coordinates are from the piece of paper that Kendrick gave him. Still no idea what the heck is going on there.

Back in court, Tom and Claire argue about numbers for a settlement. When they reach five, Kendrick yells stop. Five million to his favorite charity will suffice to ease the damage done to his sterling reputation. Patty asks what the charity is and Claire answers, "The NRA." Patty, stone faced as ever, stares blankly as the room gets very quiet. Kendrick starts chuckling and laughs that the money will actually go to a West Virginia environmental group, which is quite funny, too, but no one laughs. Patty and Tom exit the fake, but pretty courthouse they always use for New York-based legal dramas and Patty opines that she is so happy to have given $5 million to charity. How rich are these people? And does the firm have to pick up that tab? Can we get a tax lawyer up in here to answer these questions? Patty and Tom giggle over the low-ball settlement. They know that the only reason Kendrick and UNR were willing to settle was to avoid any further drop in stock price and make it harder for Patty to find a lead plaintiff for her class action suit. They giggle some more and Tom smirks, "Too late!" Cut back to Claire and Kendrick leaving the courtroom. They are stopped by a process server who hands Claire a document. You got served! Patty is suing them on behalf of a major UNR stockholder. Claire almost looks impressed with the cojones on Patty. Cut back to Patty at an office. She is thanking her new client for his discretion. Who is the new client? Arthur Fuckin' Frobisher. What the hell, show? That's just crazy talk. Patty thanks him for his discretion because she didn't want to out their relationship yet to her coworkers (read: Ellen). She then thanks Frobisher for his "little tete-a-tete" with Kendrick, which she thinks pushed Kendrick over the edge. That talk at the ballet was planned? Wow. I am not nearly conspiracy-theory minded enough. Frobisher reminds Patty that they are not friends. He is willing to work with her (for god knows what reason) but it is for his own ends. Patty is okay with that. Mostly.

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