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Abundans Cautela Non Nocet

Ellen and her unopened present call Katie. David's gift is in the front of the shot for the entire scene. Ellen apologizes and really wants to talk. She almost opens the box, but a call from Patty derails her. Patty apparently invites Ellen over for a pajama party, because the next scene is Ellen at Patty's pad sipping tea and talking business. Patty tells her that they found a plaintiff. She doesn't say who it is though. Patty asks after Katie. Ellen says she's fine and Patty adds that she hopes the policeman leads back to Frobisher. I'm not sure what this scene was meant to accomplish aside from confusing me. Is Patty still out to get Frobisher? Or is she willing to undermine Ellen's investigation to get to Kendrick?

Dirty Cop no. 2 and Mr. Cheeseburger meet in an alley to discuss their little problem. Mr. Cheeseburger assures Dirty Cop no. 2 that if the Civilian Review Board kicks the complaint upstairs he has friends in Internal Affairs who can make the case disappear. They both agree that doesn't entirely make the problem vanish. They have different ideas on how to resolve that situation, though. Dirty Cop no. 2 seems to think that they should take out Katie (yeah, I vote for that one!), but Mr. Cheeseburger is pretty sure he should just shoot Dirty Cop no. 2 in the back and then in the chest. He wins! Flashback to the incredibly graphic Death of David and Mr. Cheeseburger assuring Frobisher that there is nothing from David's death that can be traced back to him. Jump ahead four months and Mr. Cheeseburger is inside Ellen's hotel room. Ellen hears the door click and shouts, presumably from the bathroom, "Wes, is that you?" Mr. Cheeseburger puts a silencer on his gun and tiptoes off to find Ellen. Really wish I could put in the next disk and find out what happens next. Damn you show! Stop being good.

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