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Abundans Cautela Non Nocet

Walter and some one-sleeved blonde trophy girl wander into the lobby during the ballet's intermission. Nice how this episode is really revealing Walter Kendrick's cultural side. I was concerned that he was one-dimensional. One dimension of evil! But, no that hellfire and brimstone is just one facet of the deep character development that went into Walter Kendrick. You know, I've almost forgotten that he was Deputy Commissioner Rawls? Lester will most likely always be Lester, though. The blonde excuses herself to the bar (she is a WASP after all) and despite promising the lady that he won't smoke, Kendrick pulls out a cigar. His evil plot to smoke and thus lead countless children down the path of smoking, fornication, and sin, is foiled by none other than Arthur Frobisher, who has pulled himself out of his near-death slump and looks rather spry and chipper and clean shaven. He introduces himself to Kendrick, reminding him that they met at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and giggles about Musharraf not shutting up. And talk about not shutting up, dude, you're name-dropping Musharraf? Shut! Up! Kendrick obviously has no love lost for the guy (as his earlier comments to Claire made clear), but getting in the way of a man's smoke break is unforgivable. As Kendrick silently tucks his cigar back in his pocket, Frobisher does the corporate rich white guy small talk thing of making lewd comments about women. That shit never stops being funny. Frobisher tries to make manly anti-ballet comments, but Kendrick loves his Balanchine and only comes to the city for the culture. Frobisher asks after the merger and apologizes for the dip in stock price, but Kendrick still won't bite the bullet and make actual small talk. Frobisher wants to know what he did to Patty to piss her off so much, but Kendrick has never even met Patty. Frobisher warns him about getting in the ring with Patty and that he should just "bend over and take it," but his actual words were much more x-rated than that. As the bells chime, indicating that intermission is over, Frobisher heads back to his seat. He might be limping. Kendrick pulls out his phone and calls Claire. He tells her to "sue the bitch." Nice after bedtime language use this episode. Yowza. Quick point of clarification or rather I need a clarification: Did Kendrick heed Frobisher's warning? Or did he totally ignore his words? Is the fact that he is suing Patty an indication that he is playing hardball? Or that he is bending over and taking it? I'm going with it meaning that he is ignoring Frobisher's warning and going head to head with Patty.

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