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In Terrorem

Uncle Pete is dropped off in a garage by some guy driving a brown van, the type that we used to call a MolesterMobile. Pete chitchats with some guy who has started loading boxes into the van. As the guy goes back for more boxes, Pete stops him and tells him that he has to leave town. Things are heating up for his boss and the kid, Patrick, has to go. Patrick asks if it is about the girl. We then take a trip down memory lane you know the street that runs next to Hell House? Ellen is getting almost murdered by Patrick with a lot of screaming, wonky camera angles and sepia tones. Patrick is left skewered and bleeding as Ellen runs out. But he is not dead as Ellen told the cops. Uncle Pete has him bandaged up and paid off in no time with the caveat that his boss can never know about it. Which means that either Patty can never know that Pete decided to off Ellen by himself (which is a lot of chutzpah for an old guy) or Patty can never know that Patrick survived the stabbing and could blab. Patrick could be a loose end that Uncle Pete swore didn't exist. Uncle Pete gives Patrick another envelope of cash and tells him to leave tonight. Patrick doesn't look thrilled at the prospect of life on the lam.

Daniel Purcell sold his townhouse and stands outside surveying it one last time. He also takes a trip down memory lane, but this street runs between Bloody Murder Drive and Guilt Ave. He flashes on the night of the gala when he tells his wife that he has made a deal with UNR or Sutry-- His silence for their safety. His wife, obviously some sort of whale-riding, tree-hugging rainbow warrior, doesn't care about her personal safety if the environment is being harmed. Which is noble, but stupid. Just go recycle more, buy some hemp, and save your family. She tells him that she is going to call the police and tell them that she wants to report a rape. Of the environment! In West Virginia! I'm sure the NYPD will hop right on that. Purcell tells her he can't let her do that. Next Bill Clinton, I mean, Darrell Hammond gets into the car with Purcell. He asks Purcell if he wants his help. He says yes. Darrell gets the details on which house is Purcell's. He gets his house keys and tells Purcell to go park his car. In twenty minutes it will all be over. He leaves Purcell in his car to sob over how unfair it is that he has to have his wife killed just so he can make a decent living on the payroll of Walter Kendrick.

Patty and naughty boy Phil walk their dog down the street and Phil tells Patty that the merger doesn't make any kind of sense financially. Kendrick is smart enough to know that he is grossly over paying, so there must be another reason he wants the merger. Patty just has to figure out what the real reason is. Patty turns to Phil and tells him that he was right and she is under investigation. Phil tells her that if that is true she has to stop all this UNR nonsense because Kendrick is too well connected. He asks Patty to promise him that she won't pursue. Patty doesn't say anything. At least she didn't lie to him.

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