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In Terrorem

Cut to a strange vignette of a dead boy in a well? Cell? Stairwell? Barefoot and arms akimbo with a man crouched over him. Some one off camera calls out and the guy looks up. It's the cop who murdered David and stole evidence! Welcome back oh bespectacled bearded bad dresser dirty cop! The person off-camera yells "Cheeseburger!" And he goes running to make sure the uniform cop got him extra ketchup. As the uniform surrenders his cheeseburger and goes back to her day job, the Mr. Cheeseburger notices Wes waiting for him on the other side of the police tape. Wes tells the Mr. Cheeseburger that it is worse than they thought. Ellen's been meeting with someone, could be cops, probably FBI. He shows him the photos of Ellen. Mr. Cheeseburger perks up at the mention of the FBI. Wes asks him what he wants him to do. In response, Mr. Cheeseburger shovels fries in his mouth. Cut to five months later and Wes is loading his arsenal into a duffel bag. Then he sits in a lobby and then cancels a flight out of Newark, due to his inability to get on a flight with his portable arsenal, I gather. He hangs up when he sees Ellen enter the lobby. He calls out to her and she is happy surprised to see him. She asks what he is doing there and he asks if he can stay at her place for a few days while they are doing work at his. She laughs and smiles and readily agrees. They head upstairs. Cut to a parked car. There's a crack, a broken front window, and some blood splatter. Wes gets out of the back seat. Whoa. Also, my vacuuming is done.

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