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In Terrorem

Mr. Kendrick is meeting with the last honest man in Washington. No, not Steny Hoyer. Okay I actually have no idea if Steny Hoyer is honest or even a man actually, but I just like writing the name Steny Hoyer. I also like to picture his (or her!) mother cradling her newborn and saying, Aw... Let's name him (or her!) Steny! And little baby Steny was born. This honest man is an energy regulator and he is concerned about the environmental impact of the merger and he has no qualms telling Mr. Kendrick that. So he will most likely be dead or blackmailed by the end of the episode. Mr. Kendrick has brought Daniel Purcell with him to the meeting as an independent environmental consultant. Mr. Kendrick barely manages to avoid making air quotes around the word independent. Purcell swears that he had full access to all of UNR's sites and can attest to their clean living and environmental purity. Mr. Kendrick almost snorts as Purcell convinces the regulator that UNR has a clean bill of health. It's funny 'cause it's not true! When asked point blank, Purcell swears that UNR's global operations pose no risk to the environment. Mr. Kendrick stifles a giggle.

Ellen is hosting the FBI agents in her hotel room. They ask if she is going to the party, but she swears that she never wants to step foot in that apartment again. The FBI agent who is not Mario Van Peebles, but somehow manages to continue to exist, says that if she doesn't go to this party she'll have to go to the apartment some time. Ellen agrees, but I don't. Why the heck would she ever have to go to her boss's apartment? It's pretty easy to avoid. The Feds tell her that if she decides to go, they want her to tape it. Because listening to five hours of small talk is a great use of government resources? Or because they think Patty is going to stand up, tap her knife on her glass, and announce that she blackmailed Ray Fiske into killing himself? Ellen pops open a beer and stares at herself in the mirror for an uncomfortable amount of time. Seriously, the scene should have been cut way earlier. There are more pressing mysteries to be solved than whether Ellen can make eye contact with herself for two minutes straight without blushing.

Back at the energy regulatory committee, Patty meets with the same energy regulator. She presents the evidence she has gathered thus far against UNR and the regulator is impressed. Sort of. Patty doesn't have hard evidence yet; everything is speculative. Patty explains that it is up to him to block the merger because the West Virginia state court is in Kendrick's pocket and they won't do anything. She adds that she only needs a little more time to come up with something substantive. She needs him to stall. He gives her until the end of next week. I can't stop staring at her forehead. It is just so vast and smooth and never moves. It's truly impressive.

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