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Patty's husband is leaving a business lunch (you can tell it's a business lunch because he is wearing a suit and talking about the inflated yen) when he is stopped by Lester who is sitting in the back of a limo. Lester starts the conversation by saying, "I only have a minute." Which is kind of bad ass, if you think about it. Then again I am very partial to Lester. Phil stops and leans into the car to say hi to "Dave." Who the heck is Dave? Oh, he means Lester! Lester wants to give Phil the heads up about something, but Phil didn't hear it from him, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. It's about Patty. Later that evening (11:11, to be precise) Phil waits for Patty to come home. He needs to talk to her about some rumblings he has heard. There are CEOs who don't like her and they are using their influence to pressure Washington. There might already be an investigation into her activities. He's not sure, but if there is anything out there that could hurt her she should take care of it. How weird to have to tell your wife to clean up her trail of fraud, murder, bribery, forgery, perjury, and god knows what else before she gets indicted. I kind of don't think that is a conversation I will ever be having. Patty pours a big old glass of wine.

The next day Patty has a meeting with Uncle Pete. Not since Cocoon has an old person had such a feisty role! Don Ameche's got nothing on Uncle Pete. Well, wait, hold the emails. Uncle Junior was pretty feisty. I just love that Patty has her aged Uncle Pete do all her dirty work. He's just cute! And I also love thinking that he is still Carmela Soprano's dad and Patty is his niece and they are all related and involved in the family business. I mean Carmela's dad didn't spend all day building houses did he? He had to have another line of work. And why wouldn't he want to help out his niece? Okay enough pretend. I'll just go write some fan fiction. Patty is concerned about loose ends. If the Feds are investigating her, there could be any number of things they could use against her. Uncle Pete swears that she's always been protected and insulated. Except for one thing: Ellen. The only thing that can touch her is Ellen Parsons. Patty frowns as Uncle Pete reminds her that Ellen brought in the infant mortality case. He presses Patty about why, after everything that happened to her, Ellen would come back to work. Why would she come back to work? Geez Uncle Pete, what are you a communist? Work is the American dream! Even if the office is populated by sociopaths and pederasts and lawyers, a girl still needs to work. Patty sighs. And then takes action. She marches to Ellen's office and asks her point blank where she got the infant mortality case. Ellen looks tense and wide-eyed at the mention of the bait case. She claims someone in grief counseling referred the plaintiff to her, but she can't say who because of privacy issues. Patty nods slowly and then suggests that someone may have been trying to set Ellen up. Ellen gets even more wide-eyed trying to imagine why anyone would want to set her up. She looks seriously bobble-headed. Patty leaves her with the thought that something about that case was never right. Ellen is so tense it looks like she is going to snap her Bic in half. Oh wait, she's a lawyer. It looks like she is going to snap her Cross in half. Patty stops at the door, leans back and tells Ellen that it was wonderful having her at dinner the other night and she really hopes Ellen had fun. Mood swing much? Patty looks like she is about to eat Ellen for dinner and she is incredibly ominous and louring and yikes! Ellen smiles that she had a lovely time. As Patty turns to go, Ellen looks like she might barf. A little. But not enough to fan the flames of those bulimia rumors. The ones I am now instigating.

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