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In Terrorem

Uncle Pete makes a hurried phone call on the elevator. He announces that his boss is getting nervous about the girl and they need to take action. If you were arranging someone's demise wouldn't you wait until you were somewhere just a bit more private? And does this mean that Patty didn't know about the hit? Or that Pete was lying about loose ends?

Ellen hurries across the street from her office to meet up with the FBI and alert them to Patty's suspicions. The g-man who is not Mario Van Peebles gets a phone call. It's his wife again. And, okay already! I get it he is going to be a dirty cop who sells Ellen out to Patty or will murder Ellen for the money to build a mancave and escape his shrill wife. I get it! As Ellen and the FBI walk and talk they are followed by a man in a fedora and a cardigan who looks like he just rode a time machine from Seattle in the 90s where he was a bass player in some alt-emo band that played at the Crocodile a lot. He has a soul patch! Just kill him now and be done with it.

Oh, hello robot, sure I'll move my feet so you can keep vacuuming. Don't let me get in your way! Patty asks Phil to look at UNR's financials. She would really like his take on it. He takes the file and kisses her goodbye. He is off to London. I think this is more Phil than we have ever had before. Have we had our fill of Phil? Not hardly.

Patty has called a meeting of more than just Tom and Ellen. Wait. There are other people who work at the firm? Other lawyers who may be more qualified than Ellen? Impossible. Ellen sits at Patty's right hand. Or left hand. Whatever. They are in yet another conference room. This one with garish red brick wallpaper with oversized Ionic columns (spray?) painted on it in some shout out to the laws Grecian? Ionian? street? roots. I don't know. It's extremely loud and incredibly ugly. Like really ugly. Like shave your butt and walk backwards ugly. I don't understand it at all. As Patty barks out orders to her staff, Ellen's Blackberry buzzes and she reaches down to check it. A moment later the meeting ends and Patty glares at Ellen and orders her into her office. Patty tells her to shut the door and asks her what the hell she is doing. Ellen is confused and Patty berates her for checking her phone during the meeting. Ellen is perplexed by Patty's mood swing, but apologizes. Patty demands to know what is so important that Ellen had to check her phone. Ellen claims she was late for a counseling appointment, but Patty counters that Ellen quit counseling. Ellen protests that she quit group counseling, but is still doing one-on-one twice a week during lunch. She barks it out like it is well memorized rather than true. Patty eyes her warily and excuses her. And really, I know you are edgy because you're under investigation and you think Ellen will be the cause of your downfall, but Patty, chiding a lawyer for checking their Blackberry? Seriously? That's like snapping at a bunny for hopping.

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