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Sweet Land of Liberty

In the Grainy-Bloody Future, we are once again introduced to the sight of David Connor's bloody corpse in his bathtub. This time, though, we're on the POV of that pigeon that flew out of the bathroom when Detective Williams opened the door, and before that happened, our feathered friend strutted past a spiky, metal object of some kind, lying on the bathroom floor and covered in blood and hair. Looks like David got brained, literally, by this thing.

In the comparatively placid present ("6 Months Earlier"), Ellen's celebrating her birthday with family and friends (her aunt and uncle give her a gift certificate to The Olive Garden, which I particularly find perfectly parental and sweet, though I'm more bullish on The Olive Garden than most). Katie's there, but she's looking distracted and troubled. When there's a lull, Ellen tries to calm her down. Katie says Frobisher's people call three times a day, and every time she closes her eyes, she sees Saffron dead on the floor. Ellen reminds her that she meets with Patty tomorrow, and she'll know what to do. You mean beyond murdering Katie's dog and pinning it on Frobisher? She probably does.

David pokes his head into the kitchen to get Ellen back out to the party, but while she has them there, Katie wants to give Ellen her present: a pair of Statue of Liberty bookends. Man, those spiky crowns on Lady Liberty's head sure do look familiar. And indeed, we peer back into the Grainy-Bloody Future to see that the blood- and hair-covered instrument of David's demise was indeed one of the bookends. So ... maybe not the best birthday present ever.


Patty's in her sparsely-appointed apartment, lusting after some jewelry on QVC, when Tom comes calling. He's getting kind of restless, what with pretending to be fired and all, but it's all according to plan. Not that Tom is privy to any more of the plan than he needs to know. Patty just hands him his advance, then asks him if Ellen's tried to contact him since their meeting at the stables. She hasn't, but Patty likes that Ellen trusts Tom. She'd like to exploit that. I was about to say I'd love to see what this lady could do in the Big Brother house, but I'm fairly certain no one would come out alive. So ... I guess I would love to see what she'd do in the Big Brother house. "Run into her again," Patty suggests. She wants Tom to come into Hewes Co. -- under the guise of cleaning out his office (I love how this all has the added benefit of reminding Tom what it would be like to get fired for real) -- and strike up a conversation with Ellen. "Work the relationship," she says, then manipulates the tea in her mug so that it leaps into her mouth without her lips having to touch ceramic.

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