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Sweet Land of Liberty

At Hewes Co., Ellen greets Katie, who's there for her deposition. Katie stresses that she only saw Frobisher two or three times during the whole weekend. Ellen says that's fine, Patty just wants to see if there's any little thing she can tell them that contradicts any testimony Frobisher's made. Ellen's called away to a meeting by one of her fellow associates, an impatient, purple-tied douche named Andrew. Felicia leads the meeting, saying that Patty wants them all to re-prep their clients. Andrew thinks it's a shit idea, since poking around in their wounds will only make them more eager to settle. Patty, passing by, is incredulous and asks if anyone else wants to weigh in. She asks Ellen point-blank, and she says that, quite the opposite, talking about losing their jobs and their pensions can only serve to stir up their emotion and strengthen their resolve. After a bit of a stare-down from Patty, Andrew concedes that there's some value in that, and Patty has the associates divide up the clients for interviews. She tells Ellen to shadow Andrew. "Now?" Ellen asks, clearly thinking of Katie's upcoming interview.

And, in fact, Katie's currently freaking out that Ellen has to leave. At least one person is in the right frame of mind and scared to death to be in a room alone with Patty.

Ellen and Andrew walk to their car, and Andrew starts working on her. He tells her that with Tom gone, she's lost the one person at the firm who had her back. Everyone else is just looking out for themselves, and if Ellen keeps showing them (read: him) up in front of Patty like that, she's not going to win many friends. Ellen, quite sensibly, says that Patty called on her specifically, but Andrew's desperately trying to throw what little weight he has around. "The only way you're going to make it here is with our support," he says. Ellen stresses that she was just answering a question and has no agenda. Andrew suggests she get one. Ellen's not going to be Patty's closest link to a star witness forever, after all. Andrew gets in the car, no doubt leaving an oil slick a foot wide in his wake.

Back inside, Patty is putting Katie at ease with some conversation about Food Network and olive oil, and then as soon as Katie's good and comfortable, Patty thanks her for her time and says she can leave. Katie's confused -- she thought she was going to go over her timeline from Florida. Patty says she doesn't really see the point, then poses a nonsequiter: "How old were you?" At this point, Katie can't tell her ass from her elbow, so Patty clarifies, "I had just turned six...when I found out I was a good liar. How old were you?" Katie sputters some more, and Patty finally says that she doesn't buy Katie's timeline, and unless she's going to tell her the truth, Katie's of no use to her. Katie protests that she's telling her everything she knows; Patty thinks she's full of shit. "They want me to sign a confidentiality agreement," Katie says, panicking. "What should I do?" Patty, again, could give a shit. "Do whatever you want, sign it." Katie says she thought Patty was going to protect her from the Frobisher camp. "Until you stop lying," says Patty, "you're not my witness and you're not my problem." She walks away, not responding to Katie's rather pathetic pleading.

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