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Sweet Land of Liberty

Grainy-Bloody Future. Ellen and David's apartment is crawling with cops and crime-scene investigators. Detectives Williams and Ortiz present the case thus far: nothing of value appears to be stolen -- not even Ellen's engagement ring -- so it wasn't a robbery. The lead investigator looks at a photo of Ellen and David and wonders if Ellen maybe found out he was screwing around. This guy obviously doesn't know he's in a legal thriller -- no way it's that easy.

Back in the present, Katie's walking across town and ranting over the phone to Ellen, who's having a hard time putting this all together: Patty threw Katie out and called her a liar. Katie wails that Ellen needs to straighten this out with Patty -- "You're the one who made me go in there." Are you starting to get a picture of Katie as a whiny drama queen who's always waiting for the next rescue? Because I kind of am. Oh, and Creepico is still following her from a rather conspicuous distance and diming her out to Frobisher.

Cut to Creepico at the Frobisher estate (tennis court and a pool -- eat a dick, Art), obviously just having given Arthur the rundown on Katie. Frobisher says that Ray wouldn't like him meeting with Creepico, but he's obviously super nervous about this situation. He asks what they can do to keep her quiet. Creepico suggests offering more money for the restaurant, but Frobisher correctly pegs that as a one-way ticket to a witness tampering charge. Creepico then offers Option B, a "permanent solution," which he conveys through raised eyebrows and pointed silence. Frobisher's taken aback, not only at how casually Creepico's offering to do this, but also that he's in the position to even have this option before him. You gotta reach a certain social status to have contract killing on the table (it goes to the right of the shrimp fork). Creepico lays it on thick, how easy a call like this can be -- "easier than you think." He says it's just another decision. Frobisher balks -- if he goes down this road, there's no coming back. "This case is gonna end with somebody's life being destroyed," Creepico says. "Why should it be yours?"

Patty meets with Tom by the waterfront in Brooklyn (?) and hands him a Palm Beach County police report that says that Katie was pulled over for running a red light on the morning of the Frobisher event. Katie left that off her timeline, and her supervisor's report for that day was fabricated to say that she was on time that day. So someone's hiding something, and Patty thinks Fiske might have something on her. And if he doesn't, he'll be digging for it. She wants Tom to find it first -- "Get me everything you can, boyfriends, jobs, vices. I want to know why she was late for the biggest day of her career." Tom asks if she thinks Ellen knows; Patty's not sure yet. But speaking of which, she hands Tom a second envelope (the cabinet for unmarked manila envelopes in Patty's office must need constant restocking), this one on Ellen. "Are you sure you really want to do this," Tom asks, mysteriously. "Make it happen!" is all Patty will say.

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