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Sweet Land of Liberty

Back at the Frobisher Estates of Envy, Arthur's watching his kids horse around in the pool, balancing their inherent, childlike goodness (or whatever) against the kind of ruthless moral void he'll have to become in order to keep them in the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed. Either that or he's trying to eyeball the chlorine levels.

Ellen and David are having dinner at their apartment when Katie bounds in full of righteous anger, saying she's just going to pack her things and go home. Like this is all Ellen's fault. Katie repeats that Patty is "crazy" and thinks she's lying. "I don't know what she's doing," says Ellen. "It doesn't make any sense." Katie thinks Patty doesn't want Ellen to know, considering she sent Ellen away five minutes before their meeting was to start. Ellen says they'll both go in tomorrow and talk to Patty, but Katie flatly refuses. She's going back to her place to resume her life. "I don't know anything about Frobisher anyway," she says. Always a ray of sunshine, our Katie.

In what appears to be the same place on the water where Patty and Tom met earlier, we see an SUV a-rockin'. Rather than keep a respectful distance, the camera instead comes a-knockin', to find Arthur Frobisher pumping away from underneath some call-girl/coke whore. Seriously, the guy's gonna give himself an aneurism. When he's done, and he and Trashy O'Sniffy take their nose medicine, he dials up Creepico. Looks like Art just got the conscience fucked out of him, because he tells Creepico to "Do it." See, all he needed was a change of scenery to make up his mind. The hooker thinks the part where Art fucked the hell out of her and then called in a hit on a potential witness was "intense." I'll say.

Tom has a meeting with a guy so shady, we don't even get his name. Sure, he's wearing a suit and all, but we know the deal. Just him associating with people like Tom and Patty is halfway to shady all on its own. So Tom hands him the envelope that Patty handed him earlier -- the one with all the unspecified information on Ellen (and David too, as Tom tells us). Shady Suit says his "associates" and he will "look into it." "Nothing too excessive," Tom starts to caution, but Shady Suit is like, "Dude, I've done vague and unscrupulous shit for Patty before. I know how she rolls."

Ellen lingers in Patty's doorway, too chicken to interrupt Patty when she's working. And with good reason, I'd say, given the ice-cold way Patty tells her that she hates people who hover in doorways. Ellen asks what happened with Katie, but Patty's pointed silence speaks volumes. Ellen says she doesn't think Katie's lying, that she has no reason to. "Don't be stupid, Ellen," Patty says with a cold chuckle. "Everybody's hiding something." Ellen asks the obvious question ("So what are you hiding?") and Patty gives the obvious answer (a variation on "O RLY?"). Ellen's like "I used my superior powers of deduction to discover that you sent me out of the office so you could talk to Katie alone." Patty's like, "Pretty much, yep." She does not offer Ellen her pick from the prize box, however. It's kind of gorgeous, how Ellen's working herself towards this kind of moral outrage, and Patty's like, "Yes, I manipulated you so I could speak to Katie alone. And?" Ellen, trying to grab whatever sack she can muster at this point and says she doesn't like being manipulated. Patty: "Duly noted. Anything else?" Awesome. Ellen then gets her dander up about how Patty promised to protect Katie, and now Katie's alone and confused. Patty tells her to slow her roll and pick her battles. Out of ammo, Ellen retreats out of the office, though Patty doesn't look unimpressed at her backbone.

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