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Sweet Land of Liberty

Unfortunately, Ellen's backbone has now gone and sought out Hollis Nye. "You were right," she tells him. "She's using me." Hollis: "Duh." He is very much enjoying his told-you-so moment. He says that Patty takes associates who are driven and uses their youth and energy to further her own agenda? Isn't that kind of how it works when you start out? I realize Patty is a whole other kettle of fish, but Hollis isn't making the best point right there. Once he's done gloating, he tells Ellen that it's kind of a gray area that they're even speaking at all, but Ellen says she didn't know who else to talk to. Hollis offers this advice: You can't change Patty, but she can change you. Keep your head down, do the work, and get as much experience as you can, then get the hell out before it's too late. "How will I know when that is?" Ellen asks. Hollis smiles and says that's a subject for another walk. Gee, thanks, old-timer.

It looks like Ellen never quite got that tip on when to get out, if this shot of her in the Grainy, Bloody Future is any indication. Winding up covered in blood and in police custody tells me you did NOT know when to fold 'em. We cut away just as she's finally looking Detective Ortiz in the eye.

A guy with a mustache in a Member's Only jacket (danger! danger!) folds up a pocketknife (I'm saying!) and heads out into the unsuspecting city. Shit.

Patty's on the phone with Phil, going over their latest credit card statement for suspicious charges. Seems Michael has been raising hell with the plastic. One charge that leaps out at Patty is for a gentleman's club. Phil tries to downplay it, saying it's for clients from Singapore who can't get enough of the champagne room (heh), but they realize the charge came from when Phil was in London. Worse yet, the charges are for an "out call," which means Michael hired the strippers out for a house call. Patty is beyond grossed out, and her frustration and dismay are probably the first signs of genuine vulnerability we've gotten from her. Phil promises he'll have a talk with Michael and straighten him out.

Well, what a coincidence! Ellen runs into Tom when he comes back to pack up his office. Weird, that's just the way Patty suggested it should happen! They walk-and-talk and Ellen is heavy with the sympathy. He didn't deserve to be fired the way he was, and she knows he's the only reason she's here. Tom tells her not to believe it. Tom asks after Ellen with concern, then gingerly broaches the subject of "that friend" Ellen told him about in the stables. Ellen reluctantly says they probably shouldn't be discussing business now that he's fired and all. Tom smiles and says she's right, before taking off. I have to figure that's one test Ellen passed.

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