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Sweet Land of Liberty

Katie's walking down the sunny street, listening to her iPod, not a care in the world, when the camera swings around so we get a good look at Member's Only following her. Katie! Crap! I know I keep saying you're stupid but ... well, you kind of are. But you shouldn't have to die for it! To Katie's credit, she eventually realizes she's being followed. She crosses the street (good move), then ducks down a shadowed alley (dumb move). Finally, when she's back on a crowded street again -- and just as Member's Only begins to unfurl his pocket knife -- Katie turns on him and starts screaming about him killing her dog. This creates enough of a fuss that passers-by have to intervene (they think she's the dangerous one, but whatever works), and Member's Only slinks away.

After the break, Katie's still upset. So upset that she goes barging into Ray Fiske's office. Without an appointment! "Jesus, Mary, and Joe Cocker," Ray exclaims, providing us with our eccentric episode title. Katie flings the signed confidentiality agreement onto Ray's desk and tearfully orders him to leave her alone, before storming out. "And to think," Ray says, raising his eyebrows at the two men he was meeting with, "she's available to cater most any occasion." Hee. I do love Ray.

The Frobisher Estate. Arthur may not be flying anymore, but he's still mighty agitated. He's on the phone -- most likely with Creepico -- and pacing up and down his lawn. He says that he just heard from Ray that Katie signed the confidentiality agreement, and he wants to call the hit off. "You can do that, right?" (Okay, maybe he is still high.) He gets cut off and frantically tries to make the call again, but he gets cut off.

Cut to Katie, back in the front room of the restaurant. She turns towards the door and says, "Oh my God!" Member's Only? No, it's Arthur Frobisher? Scarier or less scary? You decide. He makes with the friendly pleasantries, like he never heard of anything like dead dogs...or Patty Hewes, for that matter. He thanks her for signing the document, though he folksily brushes that off as "lawyer" stuff. Never once dropping the genial demeanor -- but nevertheless getting Katie increasingly frightened -- Arthur starts talking about the weekend in Florida: the meal Katie served and especially the fact that they never met face-to-face. He raves about the food, then marvels at how now, two people who had never met before, find their fates inexorably intertwined. You know, through the restaurant. Having landed all of his talking points, particularly the one about intertwined fates, Frobisher apologizes for stopping by unannounced and leaves. So I guess the hit's off.

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