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Patty is back to making nice with Ellen. Sort of. As Ellen caffeinates, Patty grills her (almost subtly) about running into Phil at her hotel. Ellen tries to make small talk, but Patty just wanted the information about Phil. As she walks off, Ellen stops her. She wants to apologize for yelling at her about the Frobisher-Calder Security connection. She crossed a line. Patty reminds her that they have talked about her temper before and she is sorry that Ellen hasn't gotten a hold of it yet. She walks off and Ellen yells after her, "I said I was sorry!" Ever the petulant tween. Patty replies, "I know," and keeps walking. Does Patty still view Ellen as the daughter-she-never-had? Is that why she puts up with these weird temper tantrums and snotty replies? I mean look at the son she raised. I guess her fake daughter would be no different.

Claire calls a meeting with the new number two at UNR, a man they seem to be calling Mitch McConnell. But, that seems wrong. Yet also very right. Claire is playing with the big boys when she calls an emergency meeting and confesses that she is losing her faith in Walter Kendrick. She tells Mitch that Kendrick is going to lose the shareholder suit against Patty Hewes— That he's already offered her a $50 million settlement that was turned down. She doesn't want to see Kendrick run the company off a cliff. Mitch looks concerned that it could come that. Claire reminds him that, as the new number two, he could arrange a change of leadership. He looks intrigued. Claire tells him that if he can get the votes on the Board, she will back his play to take the lead at UNR. He promises to be discreet. Claire, however, goes straight to Kendrick to report. She tells him that Mitch told her the Board has lost confidence in his ability to lead UNR. He scoffs that the next earnings statement will change their mind. Claire tells him that Mitch is looking to oust him and he better meet the challenge head on. If Mitch was bold enough to come to her with the proposal he probably already has the votes he needs to take over the CEO job. Kendrick thanks her for the crappy news and looks concerned. As much as I love Claire, her acting like she's acting (know what I mean?) is ripped straight out of some Tennessee Williams stage production. Way too over the top on the pronunciation and not-so-subtle gestures. Also, why do I think this is going to backfire?

Mr. Cheeseburger is going for a meeting with a man in a suit who is played by that guy who is almost always cast as a loveable angry dad who is overwhelmed by his kids. I would try to look him up even though I have no idea where to start (angry dad films? not-quite Disney films? straight-to-DVD family movies?) but I can't because freaking Verizon internet service seriously sucks, like, I live in New York City in a neighborhood that is majority work-at-home freelancers, you may not want to screw up this market this badly, idiots, and two, I have no idea what his name is. Ooh that is going to bother me. Mr. Cheeseburger takes him into an alley and tells him the problem with Ellen. In short, he can't live with her (because she may be able to tie him to Frobisher and her fiance's death) and he can't kill her (because that could be even messier). The man in the suit could not care less about this little problem because it does not exist. In fact, according to Calder Security, Mr. Cheeseburger does not exist. He tells Cheeseburger to clean up his own mess, pats him on the chest and walks off. It's like the corporate equivalent of sticking his head in the sand. Well, sand that doesn't exist. It's sort of nice to see the bully Cheeseburger put in his place for once. I almost expected him to threaten the Calder rep, but when your boss tells you you don't exist, what can you say about that? Looks like Cheeseburger is on the low self esteem express!

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