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Senator Mitch McConnell walks right into Walter Kendrick's raging fists of fury. Kendrick calls him out on his plans to oust him and when Mitch denies it, Kendrick plays rough. He tells Mitch that if he really wants to get the Board to vote on him he will tell the FCC how Mitch made his first million. I assume it had something to do with planning Janet Jackson's nipple exposure at just the right time for a V-chip trade. These rich guys make money in the wackiest ways! Mitch gets in Kendrick's face and tells him that if he goes down, Kendrick is going down too. Kendrick assures him that he is prepared to lose it all.

Speaking of losing it all, has Darrell Hammond lost his freaking mind? Is he wearing eyeliner and an ascot? Oh no that's just a brightly-hued collared shirt and a v-neck that create a very ascot-like effect. I'm pretty sure I'm right about the guyliner though. Yeesh. Darrell Hammond looks shocked (and pudgy) as he turns in a circle in the middle of the street. He looks left and right and up and down and nope, the Cadillac is definitely not there. He pulls out his phone and makes a call. Cut to a garage where Patty (in jeans! How very Pimp My Ride), Tom, Ellen, and her private investigator listen to the mechanic's report on the Cadillac. The car is brand new with only a few miles on the odometer. The only thing that is weird is that the GPS has a lot of entries. And the entries aren't for actual destinations. Patty immediately puts it together: they are using the GPS to pass information to the energy trader. This scene is funny because Patty says one line, then Tom has a line, then Ellen has a line, and then the private investigator has a line. The camera shifts from one to the next, but there is no interaction between the players. The mechanic agrees to pull all the information out of the hacked GPS.

Mitch McConnell breaks the news to Claire gently: He is going back to the Senate. He just doesn't have the stomach to go toe-to-toe with Walter Kendrick. He'd rather face down that bitch Harry Reid any day. Compared to UNR the Senate Finance Committee in an economic meltdown is a field day complete with a three-legged race and potato salad. Mitch admits that Kendrick and his threats are just too much for him, but if Claire wants it, he'll back her move. Claire pretends she is not interested (and that this isn't what she had planned all along) and then she leans close and asks if the Board would vote for her. He swears they love her.

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