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Claire does what any sane person would do in such a situation: run to Patty Hewes. Patty happily receives Claire Maddox and all her insight. The two tough cookies sit on the couch in Patty's office, sipping scotch, while Claire tells her that everything she suspects of Walter Kendrick is true. But nothing Claire can tell her will be useful, because it is privileged. Obviously that was for us, the viewing audience, because Patty knows attorney-client privilege quite well, thank you. Kendrick plays dirty and it will take someone like Patty Hewes to bring him down. Claire has watched her career and while she doesn't approve of the way Patty does business, she gets it. Now Patty has to use her powers for good and get Walter Kendrick. Claire adds that she was as surprised as Patty that Daniel Purcell flipped on the stand. She knows Patty doesn't trust him, but she should. He really wants to do the right thing. Now. Hmm, I think there is a multi-million dollar offshore bank account that says differently, Claire. Patty watches Claire as she puts down her drink and leaves the office. I really hope Claire wasn't brought down that easily. I really hope there is something else cooking for her.

Ellen and Katie eat dinner together and Ellen tells her that she is done relying on Patty. She hired her own investigator. Further discussion is put on hold when a breathless Tom calls and tells Ellen to turn on the news. The news is filled with pictures of Phil the Philanderer Grey shoving cameras out of his way as the newscaster gleefully announces that Phil had to withdraw his nomination for Energy Secretary after a series of pictures surfaced revealing his extramarital affair. Katie and Ellen gawp at the screen. Katie asks Ellen if she leaked the pictures and Ellen denies it. Patty must have done it herself.

Ellen slowly opens the door to Patty's dark apartment. Why the fuck would she go over there? Ellen calls for Patty and Patty is upstairs. Ellen looks trepidacious as she heads upstairs into the lion's den. Patty is sitting in her pajamas on the bed surrounded by an explosion of clothing. She doesn't look up when Ellen comes in but explains that she was cleaning out her closet. She offers the clothes to Ellen, but then realizes Ellen won't want them. Ellen asks if Patty is alone and Patty flatly responds that Phil is at a hotel and Michael is with his "geriatric girlfriend" which is the funniest line all season. Patty still won't look up or make eye contact with Ellen. Ellen tries to console Patty about the shock of the affair, but Patty isn't shocked over the affair -- she's shocked that Phil got sloppy. She then looks at Ellen through the veil of her hair and wonders whether she should thank her for sending the photos. She could have been trying to protect her. Or she could have been feeling vindictive. Patty thinks it was vindictive. She really wants Ellen to learn to let things roll off her back. Ellen doesn't say anything during this drunken diatribe of Patty's that doesn't sound angry so much as resigned and sad. Ellen then asks why Patty leaked the pictures to the press, but Patty brushes it off as private. Ellen scoffs that it is hard to just let things roll off your back, but Patty doesn't really respond. Ellen then demands to know why she is there (girl, I was asking myself the same question) and Patty says that she wanted her to know that things will be required of them. The war against UNR is going to get ugly and she just wanted Ellen to know. As Patty sits drunk and depressed and crushed in bed, Ellen looks suddenly sad as she softly and almost sweetly tells Patty that maybe they are both the vindictive sort.

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