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A cell phone vibrates and Mr. Cheeseburger picks up. It's Wes telling him that he hasn't killed Ellen yet. He needs more time. We goes to his little crazy man gun cabinet and shows up in Ellen's lobby. He asks if he can stay with her for a few days. She happily agrees.

Daniel Purcell calls Kendrick. Purcell has been in hell, Kendrick laughs that God gave up on them a long time ago. Purcell ignores that and gives Kendrick a schooling on Dante. When Kendrick snorts that he's out of his mind and Purcell hangs up. Purcell gets out of the car, walks into the police station, and turns himself in for the murder of Christine Purcell. Flash back to an incredibly gruesome scene of Purcell choking his wife to death. As Christine lies on the ground Purcell is immediately wracked with guilt. Cut back to the police station where Purcell is standing. Cut to Kendrick on the phone with Wayne Sutry who tells him that Purcell just killed his wife. Kendrick tells him he knows who to call (presumably Darrell Hammond) and make it look like a robbery. Darrell Hammond gets in the car with Purcell and makes sure he wants his help. Purcell says yes and Darrell Hammond goes inside. He calls Kendrick back. Kendrick wants to know if it's done yet. No. Why? Because Christine Purcell is still alive. Oh, Jesus. Kendrick tells Darrell Hammond to finish it. He does. Yuck. Cut back to Daniel Purcell in the police station telling the desk sergeant that he killed his wife. Oh double yuck.

Post script: I was so annoyed by the Tom storyline that I reached out to some of my smart lawyer friends -- one is a law school professor, one is an AUSA, and one is in-house at a major bank that did not get bailed out recently -- and asked them whether or not Tom's actions were actually illegal or just unethical. The response was resoundingly that while, yes, incredibly unethical, his actions were not likely to be illegal. Here's the response from the Assistant US Attorney: "So I've taken an informal poll of other AUSAs and we can't come up with a criminal charge for the scenario listed below. That certainly doesn't mean that there isn't some sort of federal crime to hang on the attorney, but we're not coming up with any. Maybe there's some sort of state law violation, but the FBI wouldn't be interested in that." So what gives, Damages? I expect higher-quality legal expertise. And, yes, I'm available for hire.

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