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Contra Bonos Mores

Ellen sits at the end of a long conference table with a judge who is open-minded about the rules of evidence and bribery. The judge reminds Ellen that bending the rules of admissible evidence in exchange for some Benjamins is highly unethical. That said, he's completely comfortable with that. And so is Ellen.

Over at Hewes and Associates, Tom tells Ellen and Patty that he has a numbers guy at Princeton who has been working on the code they pulled off of the GPS in the Cadillac. (Yes, I do get paid to write "Cadillac" instead of "car.") The Princeton man has had no luck yet. Well, duh. Princeton's a trade school. Next time, go Yale. Don't these people watch Gossip Girl? Tom is interrupted by a ridiculous phone call from his pregnant wife dying to know if she can eat blue cheese. He asks the room at large, and Ellen and Patty stare at him as if he had a giant mole covering half his jacket. As Ellen and Patty refuse to cave to his girl-talk baiting, he wisely finishes the call outside the office. Isn't this their second kid? And doesn't his wife have, like, the Internet? And also? I loathe crazy pregnant women story lines. HATE! As Tom deals with his personal life, Ellen tells Patty that she was right, and the judge is making himself available for paying off. Patty nods grimly and asks if the judge also tried to grope Ellen, because he can be awfully grabby. It is SO hard to imagine someone getting handsy with Patty. Ellen assures her he was a total gentleman, save for the whole bribery thing. Patty looks almost sad, or at least resigned to the things she has to do in order to get a little justice for the people of West Virginia. She reminds Ellen that she warned her the case against UNR was going to get ugly, but the only way they will be able to get the GPS code into evidence is to bribe the judge. Yeah, that's the problem with stealing someone's car and jacking the GPS for clues, it's usually not admissible in court. Ellen asks Patty how she is holding up in the wake of Phil-andering, but Patty doesn't want to talk about. Ellen gets that and stands up to leave. Patty stops her at the door and tells her it is all about trust. You can forgive some things, but once the trust is gone, there's no going back. Ellen gets that, too. Patty thanks her for her help with the judge, and Ellen smiles that that's what she is there for. That actually makes sense. Even though I am frequently incredulous over the fact that Patty chooses to hang out with this bitchy, vengeful first-year associate, maybe the reason she does is because of Ellen's highly questionable ethics and comfort in morally grey areas. It's not that she's so skilled or fun to hang around, it's that she has no qualms about bribing a judge. Say what you will about lawyers, not too many would cross that line.

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