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Patty's annoying son has decided to come home from his May-December romance and announces he's taking a shower. And I, for one, am thrilled about his decision to shower. He needs it. Patty snaps at him that he hasn't spent a single night at home the entire week, and that Mary Kay is completely irresponsible for letting him stay over. It's not healthy. Dickhead looks at her and then, sighing, asks if she really wants to start that now. She gives him mom face and he slouches over to her and tells her that she can't lecture about being in a responsible relationship when she's getting a divorce. Er, isn't that a great place to know what makes a responsible relationship? Dickhead continues that Phil, Uncle Pete, Ray Fiske, everyone who Patty has a relationship with either leaves or dies. Who is next? Can I vote? Can I vote who leaves or dies next? Because I vote for you, Dickhead! Patty tells him to go take his shower and somehow abstains from stabbing him. I would not be so strong. And, why is Dickhead blaming her for Uncle Pete dying? Or for Phil's cheating? Or, for that matter, Ray Fiske's suicide? Shut the fuck up, Dickhead! After that cruel and uncalled for tirade, Patty is left gasping. I bet Patty won't bother complaining if he doesn't come home for another week.

Patty sits in Ellen's office and tells her that she's been thinking about it and has decided that Ellen can't be the one to bribe the judge. Ellen is too young and bright with a brilliant career ahead of her that shouldn't be tarnished by criminal acts. Patty would just feel better about it. Ellen claims that she knew what she was in for when she came back to work for Patty. She's okay with it. Patty smiles and appreciates it, but she's made up her mind. Patty thinks it is best if Ellen doesn't know who will be doing the dastardly deed. Cut to Ellen getting in the car with her favorite g-man, Agent Glenn. She explains that Patty cut her out of bribing the judge, supposedly for her own protection. Ellen scoffs that Patty actually seems to care about her. How dare she! Since they won't know when the judge is going to be bribed, they have to come up with a different plan. Ellen is sure Patty is going to turn to Tom, so they have to get to him somehow. Agent Glenn is blank, he has no idea what to do. So Ellen, who is apparently running this investigation now, suggests they arrest Tom for paying the client in the infant mortality case. Agent Glenn reminds her that Tom didn't actually make the payoff, but Ellen thinks that the tape of him making the arrangement and the photos of Tom with the client at the drop off will be damning enough to make a case. But, Ellen! They can't prove it happened, because it didn't happen! What sort of law do you practice? Agent Glenn points out that it is disgusting corruption, but Ellen doesn't think they have a choice any more. Well, Ellen, you're the boss. Apparently.

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