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Dickhead Michael Hewes is waiting with Daniel Purcell (unfortunately back in his mole jacket) to be introduced to his half-sister Erica. Daniel takes the chance to tell Dickhead that he tried to be in his life after Patty told him that he existed. They went to court, had an ugly custody dispute, and finally he backed down. Dickhead spies an opportunity to be a dick and laughs that Patty was undoubtedly pretty vicious. Daniel defends Patty, claiming that she was just fiercely defending her son. Dickhead looks slightly remorseful and then apologizes that he never met Purcell's wife. He then asks if Purcell if he really thinks "that company" killed his wife. Cue the flashbacks: Christine Purcell is screaming at Daniel that he doesn't really want out of the job and the life it affords. She screams about his houses and the lawyer he's screwing. Daniel shrieks, "Shut up!" But Christine won't. She's going to stop the pollution. She is going to call the EPA. Right now! Purcell says he can't let her do that, but she purposefully pulls out the... yellow pages? Like the EPA has a 24-hour emergency number. Daniel steps towards her and she beans him with the remote control causing the head laceration. Cut to Daniel calling Wayne Sutry and asking for help. Cut back to Daniel standing next to Dickhead waiting for Erica's return. Daniel introduces them and leaves Michael to babysit his new half-sister. Really? Chores already? You're a strict dad, Daniel.

Tom shows Patty pictures of a his new bouncing baby boy. She is thrilled for him and gives him a big hug. He sits down and breaks the news that he can't bribe the judge for her. He hopes she understands. Patty doesn't understand. Tom has been a father for ten years, so what has changed? Tom says it's just different, and he can't do it, and he doesn't think she should do it, either. Patty stands up and paces the room. When Tom pushes her to get it, she flips out and screams, "I understand!" while making an extremely unflattering face. She understands, she just doesn't like it. She and Tom stare at each other, and Patty tells him to leave. He's fired. I don't think this one is fake, Tom. Tom grabs the photo of his son off of Patty's desk and walks out. Hello, wrongful termination suit! Come on, boy! Getting fired for refusing to commit a crime is wrongful termination! Sue already! Sheesh. Did you go to correspondence school? Was your Supreme Court clerkship at a T-shirt shop called "Supreme Court"? Lawyer up already! Do it for your son.

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