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Ellen is the only attorney at Hewes & Associates who cares enough to work late. I don't know what sort of lackluster work ethic has infected the rest of the staff, but this sort of leaving-after-only-nine-hours behavior is truly unacceptable. No wonder Ellen is so firmly ensconced in Patty's inner circle -- no one else works so hard for Patty's love. Or they have lives. Ellen descends the stairs, books in hand (ooh books, how retro), and notices Uncle Pete sneaking around in the dark corners of the firm and slipping out of an office. He quietly shuts the door and furtively walks away. Since it was her office he was leaving, Ellen is just a little surprised. She trepidaciously opens the door, undoubtedly expecting to find an Edible Arrangement in the shape of a hand grenade or an enormous cookie with a heartfelt message inscribed in chocolate saying, "We're on to you," but instead she just finds a blinking hard drive and a warm monitor. She alerts the FBI to this office invasion and, as it turns out, Uncle Pete has a rap sheet as long as the beard of the guys from ZZ Top combined. Like, whoa, right? He has a criminal record that goes back fifty-odd years, but he turned over a new leaf when Patty Hewes got him off scott-free on some petty racketeering. He's been clean ever since. Ellen doinks herself in the head for being. So. Stupid. for not realizing that Uncle Pete wasn't just some quirky old man who was harmless except when armed with a dry cleaning rolling rack. By the way, Ellen's hair is back to being extremely complex. It seems to involve at least four bobby pins holding four curls that lead into a flat ponytail. There is no way she could do that without a few extra hands or extra bendy arms. Maybe both. Maybe she has a shrine to Kali Goddess of Complex Hairstyles in that hotel room of hers.

Patty has arranged a press conference to announce that Arthur Frobisher is her new leading man. Frobisher was hoping something like this might happen and he prepared a few remarks just in case. Patty looks over his two-page memorandum of greatness and rolls her eyes at his blatant pandering to the audience. Frobisher wants his reputation back and Patty, as the person who smeared him in the first place, is the only one who can help him. Patty giggles, "Yeah, wasn't that awesome? Good times, good times." Frobisher has purchased a spiritual awakening and he is ready to be a better person. And he knows he is a better person than environment-raper Walt Kendrick, so he is willing to help Patty in her quest. Patty points out that after the number she did on his name during the pension-raiding case, it will take more than a few good words from her to repair the damage. The defendants will try to destroy him (Really? In a shareholder suit? Huh.) Also, they need to vet his financials. Frobisher tells her to have it, he has nothing to hide under his flowing white caftan (Really? Even from Patty Hewes? Huh.) Their conversation is interrupted when Ellen knocks on the door. She stops short when she sees Frobisher sitting there. Her eyes get very wide and she does nothing but stare lamely like a bunny in headlights, as Patty re-introduces the two of them. I know Patty is supposed to be a heartless driven litigator, but damn, woman, that's cold!

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