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Mala In Se

Arthur Frobisher and his guru/spiritual advisor/random guy in a scarf with a pocketful of Deepak Chopra visit the site of Frobisher's shooting. As Frobisher uses his cane to point out all the highlights of his near death experience, Scarfy flips through his "Guide to Acting like a Spiritual Douche" and tells Frobisher to breathe through it all and put it behind him. Frobisher tells Scarfy that he owns all the land and wants to build a healing center right here on this very piece of earth where he almost lost his life. Frobisher starts turning in circles and pointing with his cane saying right here could be the deep-breathing fire ring and over there could be the drumming circle and right here could be the thing with the horses. Scarfy nods in agreement just shaking his head along with all of Frobisher's wild gesticulations. Heck, if he can get one crazy rich white guy to buy into his scarf-wearing heavy breathing drum circles why can't he get all of them? Frobisher pulls something out of his pocket. It's the bullet the doctors gave him as a souvenir of his past life as a murderous dick. He buries the bullet in the ground and declares it to be the foundation of his healing center. Scarfy is starting to look a little dubious of going into business with a man who carries around a bullet that was yanked out of his kidney. As Scarfy twirls his finger around his head and points at Frobisher, Frobisher suddenly realizes that even his paid spiritual guide is suspicious of his motives. Frobisher is so manic about the healing center that Scarfy has no choice but to start spouting holistic hooey about the sun and darkness and difficult journeys and upping Frobisher's Thorazine level. Frobisher swears that he wants this to be a new beginning for him. And wouldn't "new beginning" be a great name for the center? Scarfy gives him his blessing, because, you know, he's paid to. Besides: hey, free healing center!

Magda (I know it's Stephania, but you watch fourteen seasons of Sex and the City and you get attached. By the way, could FX have swiped any more HBO alumni on this show? It's like they are angling for their Emmy by just cutting and pasting HBO's greatest hits.) Anyway, where was I? Oh right, Magda is leaving her house with her barely portable oxygen tank in tow when Patrick stops to say hello. Who is Patrick, you ask? Why he's the gent who Pete hired to kill Ellen and then paid off again to get the heck out of town. Patrick tells Magda that he returned when he heard Pete was in the hospital. He wants to know what happened. Magda explains that there is trouble and somebody ratted on Pete and the FBI want information on Pete's boss. Patrick looks nervous, and sure if you take it all out of context like that it might sound like Pete was going to blab. Except for the part about him attempting suicide. That might sound like he wasn't planning on blabbing. I mean, if you're paying attention to the details. Patrick gives Magda a ride to the store to get Pete some licorice. Perfect for coma victims. Just liquefy and put in his IV. Tasty. Oh, are you not supposed to say coma victims? Is some coma rights group going to start emailing me now telling me how I'm insensitive to the plight of people living with coma? Email away folks.

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