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Patty is staring into space when Ellen and her shapeless shift of a dress barge into the room. Oh, are all the "ladies" wearing sackcloth these days? Is it a designer garbage bag you're wearing? Whatever. Ellen apologizes for the intrusion and then proceeds to sit down next to Patty and ask after Uncle Pete. Patty says he is still unconscious and then asks Ellen if she ever told her about her father. Ellen shakes her head no and Patty tells her about the angry, unsatisfied, cold man who walked out on her family. That's when Uncle Pete stepped in. He had always been the screw up, in and out of jail, but he took care of them. She looks really sad, so I'll excuse her talking to Ellen as an equal. For now. Patty sighs again and turns to Ellen and reminds her that she warned her that the FBI was after her. It's obvious now that when Ellen told the FBI she wouldn't play their game, they turned their sights on Pete. Ellen looks almost sad when she asks Patty what they will do when Pete wakes up. He could still turn on her. Patty says there is only one thing they can do: Wait. Was Ellen really hoping that Patty would just spit out that she was going to off her Uncle for maybe possibly thinking about flipping on her? I bet she was.

Frobisher and Scarfy are quietly meditating in tandem when Frobisher starts to get distracted and sniffing and thinking: "Cheeseburger." And then one of those hands made out of the smell of a delectable food item tickles his nostrils and pulls him down the path and then slaps him awake to the glaring hirsute face of Mr. Cheeseburger. The dirtiest cop both literally and figuratively. Seriously, Cheeseburger, consider a change of clothes. Wes is standing behind Cheeseburger and Frobisher jerks out of his chair and demands to know who Wes is. Scarfy is apparently transcending a different plane of existence, because he doesn't seem to notice the hubbub. Speaking of hubbubs and Wes, for some reason whenever I was watching Deadwood and some mid-town showdown was taking place under the high noon sun and Timothy Olyphant was all clenching his jaw and looking serious, I kept hoping he would stare down his enemy and it would be the guy from the Hubba Bubba ads. C'mon, it would have been awesome! Anyway, Frobisher demands to know why Cheeseburger brought Wes. Cheeseburger explains that Wes works for him and has information about Ellen. Frobisher doesn't want to hear it. He is past his past. He tries to pull Cheeseburger away from Wes to talk to him in private, but Wes gets his attention when he yells, "Hey asshole!" Frobisher knows he is talking to him somehow and turns to glower at Wes. Wes fills him in on the fact that while he may be past his past, Ellen blames him for David's death and is plotting his demise. Frobisher sort of shrugs 'cause it's really not a surprise that this is the shit you deal with when you arrange for someone's bloody bludgeoning. Wes then tells him that Ellen snuck into his hospital room and stood over his bed, deciding whether or not to kill him. That momentarily stuns Frobisher, who demands to know how Wes knows that. Wes smiles smugly and replies that Ellen tells him stuff. For example, he also knows that Ellen is using Patty's resources to dig into Frobisher's past. Cheeseburger steps up then and glares at Frobisher, warning that if they find anything linking David's murder to Frobisher or Cheeseburger, there will be blood. Frobisher starts cursing loudly and disturbs Scarfy and his disciples (which is an awesome band name, any takers?). He apologizes to his guru and catches his unchecked anger. He straightens up and parrots back to Cheeseburger the same malarkey Scarfy told him earlier about the sun and the darkness. Wes and Cheeseburger stare as the screws loosen in Frobisher's noggin. Frobisher tells them that they are chained to the past, but he is free. He turns back to his meditation circle, leaving Cheeseburger and Wes openmouthed and staring.

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