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Mala In Se

Patty and Pete have a heart to heart talk in the hospital room. She wants to know what the cops have on him and he explains that one of his boys flipped and they got Pete taking a pay off. They got him. Patty gently reminds him that he promised he had stopped. He gets teary eyed when he tells her he just couldn't. She wants to know why he didn't call her and he doesn't really answer but just repeats that the Feds have enough to put him away for life. His subtle maneuvering does not go unnoticed and Patty asks him what they wanted him to do. He tells her that the Feds wanted him to give her up, but he won't do it. He would rather go to jail. Patty stares at him sadly.

Scarfy tells Frobisher about Cheeseburger's visit to the pond and about all the unseemly rabbit molestation he was forced to witness. Scarfy shakes he head and mutters, "He is not your friend" and then reminds Frobisher that whatever Cheeseburger does to his physical embodiment, he cannot touch his soul. Frobisher doesn't seem really comforted by that. Candy ass. Western-minded body worshipping candy ass. Scarfy asks a few probing questions and then tells Frobisher that he has a choice: he can either turn himself in for what he did or spend the rest of his life running from Cheeseburger. Frobisher doesn't really like his choices. Scarfy leaves Frobisher to consider his options and Frobisher comes up with a third choice: Screwing some girl in the back of a car on a busy street with the windows open! Scarfy zero, Frobisher one. I wonder whose self-help books will sell more? As he sweatily tosses some girl to the side, he is still panting when he pick up his phone and tells someone that he'll do it.

In a chair next to Pete's bed, Patty closes her eyes for a moment. She remembers hiding and covering her ears to escape from her parents' fighting. Some kindly man finds her and says hello. She opens her eyes and Uncle Pete is awake. As they smile at each other, we cut to the FBI agents listening in on the conversation. Sneaky g-men have bugged the room. Ellen is there with them, which is really annoying. I see absolutely no reason at all for her to be in there looking all woeful and regretty. Why would the FBI have her there? It is too stupid. Patty asks Pete why he stayed and took care of her and her mom. He reaches out from the bed and caresses her face gently and tells her that he doesn't know why he stayed. Patty half smiles and tells him that he should give the FBI everything he has on her. He should save himself. Over at FBI HQ, Ellen snorts that Patty had one thing on her and tried to have her killed. She doesn't buy this self-sacrifice routine. Mario Van Peebles and Agent Glenn exchange looks, probably trying to remember who invited Ellen.

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