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Mala In Se

Patty uncomfortably watches kids running around a playground. She stares through the bars of the fence and there is really no way to watch kids at a playground without appearing slightly creepy. Really, just don't do it. She watches one little girl in particular and it is... well, creepy. Back at the hospital, Ellen's twig-like frame runs as fast as her little legs can carry her towards Pete's room. How does she know where Pete's room is? Suspend your disbelief, fool! Pete tells Patrick that this is really goodbye. He has to get out of town and stay out of town. Patrick smiles and doesn't say anything --because he is too busy injecting some toxic substance into Pete's IV! Patty watches the little girl's daddy zip up her jacket. Ellen runs through the hospital some more. Patrick says goodbye to Pete as a nurse comes in. Patrick leaves the room, catches the attention of the person who was supposed to be guarding the room, and Ellen comes flying around the corner. Patty stares some more as Ellen and the (really crappy) guard rush into the room and watch Pete expire. Where is the nurse? Um, hello! Code blue! Someone? Anyone? No? Do you know that his niece is a litigator? You might want to pretend to try and save him. Patty's phone rings. Cut to Patrick coming out of the hospital and making a call. Oh shit! Did Patty have Uncle Pete killed? Cut back to Patty looking shocked Cut to Ellen coming out of the hospital room, calling Patty and telling her the bad news. And back to Patty asking, "When?" Back to Patrick calling "Mikey" to come pick him up. So Patty didn't kill Pete. And exactly how is Ellen going to explain being at the hospital? Oh right. No disbelief. Patty grabs onto the fence at the playground and stares intently at the little girl who turns around and gives her total tween stinkeye for staring at her for like an hour like. "I'm sorry you're crying old lady, but quit staring at me." Patty takes herself back to hiding in the woods when Uncle Pete finds her and takes her out for some licorice.

Three months later, Magda is still trucking along. She is feeling so fit that she decides to do a little spring cleaning and opts to feng shui a closet. She finds a whole bunch of files and an envelope with Katie Connors name on it. It's a photo of Ellen and Katie. And a picture of poor Saffron with a target on her head. Oh Pete! You killed Katie's puppy? What the hell, dude? Speaking of hell, THAT IS WHERE PUPPY KILLERS GO!! Magda puts the pictures back in the envelope and pulls out the next file: It has Ellen's name on it. Um, Pete, you kept files? For god knows what reason, Magda takes the file to Ellen. How do they even know each other? Cut to Ellen laughing and telling her unseen guest that she should be scared, nay, she should be terrified. The camera focuses on a gun and then refocuses on the guest. It's Patty. She is teary eyed and terrified and clutching her stomach. She begs Ellen not to do anything. It's not her. Ellen laughs bitterly that Patty knows her so well. She admits the gun isn't even loaded. Patty doesn't look comforted. Well maybe marginally. She is so fearful she is almost shaking. Ellen tells her it is just the two of them. She takes a file out of her bag and sits down across from Patty. She hands her the file -- it's Pete's file on her. Patty looks aghast (aghaster?) when she sees it. The screen goes black. Two shots are fired.

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