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Agent Glenn is in his van getting ready to record the bribing of a judge when his phone rings. It is Dave Pell. Dave instructs him to destroy all records of the Patty Hewes investigation. Then, as soon as the judge is paid off, he is to arrest Ellen Parsons. Agent Glenn doesn't blink, he just says, "Copy that." Agent Glenn is either so depressed over his partner's murder that he can't be bothered to care about anything or he is so fucking scared of Dave Pell and his murder squad that he will just blithely take orders. Sheesh.

Patty calls Ellen to check where she is and to let her know that she feels good about this bribe thing. Ellen does too! Three cheers for American justice! After they hang up, Patty stares at her briefcase full of cash and takes a moment to process it all. Back in the hotel room, Agent Glenn shows Ellen where the camera will be and reminds her that she needs to get Patty on tape authorizing the bribe. Is Agent Glenn trying to out maneuver Dave Pell by getting Patty on tape? Or is he just playing along in the fake investigation and lying to Ellen's face? Ellen tells Agent Glenn that she knows this whole investigation is corrupt (oh really?), but she doesn't care (that's more like it), because they both want the same thing (lemon meringue pie and Patty in jail?). She has a small favor to ask: She's going to get Patty on tape, as promised, but once that is done, can she pretty please get Patty to also admit to trying to kill her? Agent Glenn shrugs that Ellen can do whatever she wants because the whole investigation is going in the incinerator in, like, half an hour. So whatevs.

Cut to the scene where Tom is being held in the lobby by an armed security guard. Tom is trying to strong arm his way into seeing Patty so he can warn her about Ellen, but the guard (and his gun) are on strict orders to not let him in. The guard (and his gun) successfully convince him to back off, but they can't stop Tom from shouting that he is filing a suit for wrongful termination (a suit he would win, by the way) and instructs the guard to tell Patty that he tried to warn her.

Ellen calls Wes and tells him she needs him to go pick up her gun. Wes shuts her down. She doesn't need a gun. She hangs up on him. She calls Tom. Tom and I are equally incredulous about this turn of events. Why would Ellen call him? Why would he help her? She begs Tom to do this for her and she will get the Feds off his back for good. Tom can't believe she is asking for help and can't believe she expects him to trust her. Ellen begs some more and Tom looks like he is wavering. Oh who are we kidding we've all seen the clips of Tom swiping a gun and handing it off to Ellen in a car. We just had no idea how to connect the dots.

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