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Ooh Finn Garrity's hooker with a heart of gold (and good hair) is polishing her nails when there is a knock on her door. She thinks it is Finn, but it's Walter Kendrick and boy is he in a bad mood. Like head in the urinal bad. He demands to know where Finn is and she denies his existence. Kendrick smacks her hard and grabs her by the face and tells her to deliver a message.

Ellen calls Cheeseburger and sets up a time to meet him. He gets in his car and sees Wes in his rear view mirror. He has just long enough to mutter the s-word and then Wes pops him in the head. Mayor McCheese finally caught up to that rotten Cheeseburger. There's no hiding from McDonaldland-style justice.

Patty sits in her car and is joined by some white guy in a suit. He hands her a jumpdrive with what he claims is all the Aricite documentation she wanted. Compliments of Dave Pell. The white guy gets out of the car and Patty heads off.

In the hooker's hotel room, Finn Garrity is comforting his Pretty Woman. She tells him that Walter Kendrick was the one who roughed her up. Garrity curses, does some blow, and curses some more. She explains that Kendrick did it as a warning to keep his mouth shut. Garrity promises to nail that son of a bitch and walks out leaving blondie to apply ice to her own owies.

Wes knocks on Ellen's hotel room door and she is irritated when she opens it and reminds him that he can't be there right now. He apologizes, takes a deep breath, and then sighs. He claims he just wanted to see her. You know, the girl he just killed a cop for. He wanted to see that girl. He doesn't say anything, but kisses her roughly. She tries to shove him off, but who can resist Timothy Olyphant? They end up in bed and when Tom calls, Ellen jumps out of bed and tells Wes that he can't be there when she gets back. He asks who was on the phone, but Ellen tells him to leave it. I know she doesn't know that Wes just saved her from an execution-style death, but come on, Boney McBones, he just saved your life! Play nice. Ellen gets a gun, carefully wrapped in a dishtowel, from Tom. Ellen thanks him, but Tom flatly tells her that he wants the Feds off his back. He hopes she knows what she is doing. Upstairs, Wes is booking the hotel room directly across from Ellen's. I love this guardian angel side of him. It's like Seth Bullock, sadly without the moustache and silver badge.

Oh my gosh you guys! There's only half an hour left and almost nothing is resolved. Well, except Cheeseburger. He's pretty well resolved. Patty arrives at Ellen's hotel and the front desk sends her upstairs. Ellen readies the room for her interrogation and entrapment session. Music is involved. Scratch that, the right music is involved. Wouldn't that screw up the FBIs microphones? As Patty is headed upstairs, an arm stops the elevator doors from shutting. It's Finn Garrity's greasy arm. He steps into the elevator with an unpleasantly surprised Patty Hewes. Garrity explains that Walter Kendrick came to see him and threatened to kill him. After that he is ready to testify. Patty isn't interested. She gave him a chance and was very clear that he wouldn't get another opportunity. Um, Patty. I know you have a big plan in motion, but why give him the brush off? Oh right. Your promise to Dave Pell. Okay then, proceed. Finn Garrity fidgets and twitches and tries to convince Patty to let him testify against Kendrick and UNR, but Patty won't budge. Upstairs, Ellen pulls out her newly acquired gun and hides it in a bag. There's a knock on the door and Ellen opens it, revealing a very uptight looking Patty. She looks so odd that even Ellen who looks like she is fixing to kill her has to stop and ask if she's okay. Patty swears she is fine and Ellen invites her in. Ellen asks if that is the money for the judge and Patty says yes. Ellen sits down and says that before she goes to meet with the judge she and Patty have some unfinished business to attend to. Ellen flashes back to the grisly attempt on her life. Patty reminds her that they don't have much time, but Ellen leans forward and insinuates that Patty knows exactly what she is talking about. Patty flashes to Uncle Pete telling her "it's done." Ellen stops to get herself a drink, rudely not asking Patty if she needs one, which clearly she does. Ellen talks in strange one liners about how Patty shouldn't be scared, she should be terrified, she knows what this is about, it would just be easier if she said the words. Patty makes no motion that she has any idea what Ellen is talking about. She just sits stone-faced and glassy eyed like she just wants Ellen to get done with it already. Ellen claims all she wants is Patty to tell the truth, but since that is hard for Patty, she brought a gun to speed things along. Patty shakes her head and looks decidedly more teary eyed and tells Ellen not to, it's not who she is. Ellen shrugs that she's right, the gun isn't even loaded. Agent Glenn watches the proceedings from his surveillance van. Ellen continues drinking and one lone tear makes its way down Patty's cheek. Ellen hands Patty the file from Uncle Pete's Trapper Keeper. She opens it and stares in wide-eyed horror at Ellen and then back at the file where Ellen has written a note, that says, "The Feds are watching us." Agent Glenn watches from the van as Ellen veers off script cursing that she is going to screw it up. Ellen pulls out a gun, points it at Patty and says her line, "It's okay, I lied too." She fires off two quick shots and Agent Glenn throws down his headphones and jumps out of the van. But Patty is fine. Ellen shot out the surveillance camera. Wow, her marksmanship really has improved. Ellen tells a much-relieved Patty that she is an informant for the FBI. Patty denies any knowledge of that. Ellen explains that in working with Patty she has come to realize that Patty is corrupt, narcissistic, and cruel. Patty agrees that she can be. Nothing like a gun to the head to inspire self-awareness. Ellen continues that she also now realizes that the rest of the world is too and she doesn't want Patty in jail. But! Now that the microphones are off and the camera is toast, Ellen wants to know the truth. She throws the gun to the side and tells Patty that she knows she tried to kill her during the Frobisher case. Patty says she was afraid and didn't trust Ellen and Ellen knew too much about her. So she told Pete...she struggles to get out the words. She takes a deep breath. There are tears streaming down her face, but when she speaks, she is calm. She told Pete to have Ellen killed. Ellen thanks her, sincerely even. She then gets up, picks up the gun and stands over Patty as if trying to decide what to do. Patty closes her eyes and tells Patty to do it. Ellen reconsiders and tells Patty that she will just have to live with it. Ellen sits back down and tells Patty that the Feds are waiting for Patty to bribe the judge so they will have to figure out another way to win the case. Oh, so back to business then? Guess you have to keep racking up those billable hours. Ah the life of a lawyer. Patty gasps that Ellen has to give the briefcase to the judge. Ellen looks confused. Patty tells her that she just has to trust her. Ellen looks sideways at Patty and then picks up the briefcase and leaves. Wes watches her go through the peephole in his hotel room. Which is kind of creepy. Except that it's Wes, so it's cute. Wes rushes to the elevator to catch Ellen, but the elevator doors shut on him. He takes the stairs. In the lobby, Ellen sees someone suspicious looking and takes the back exit.

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