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Patty stumbles out of Ellen's hotel room, lifts her hand to wipe her face, and, oh shit!, covers herself in blood and then collapses into the elevator. While obviously this is not a complete surprise, it's totally a surprise! What the hell happened? Did I overstate Ellen's crack shot? Patty flashes back to her meeting with Finn Garrity in the elevator. He is fervently telling her that he is ready to testify. He can help her. She is telling him sternly that she doesn't need his help with the case. He glowers at her, hits the button for the next floor, and STABS HER! With his coke knife, you guys! Gross, that thing has totally been in his nose! Patty gasps and tentatively touches her stomach and still manages to look surprised that her hand is covered in blood. She stares in amazement and shakes her head in disbelief. Back to the present, turns out Patty had a totally different reason to look all shocked and teary eyed during her meeting with Ellen. She wasn't so moved by Ellen's declarations, she was just bleeding to death. That puts a different spin on things for sure. Patty is slumped in the elevator door in the hallway looking for all the world like she is in shock. She looks up from her bloody hand when she is startled by the sound of Ray Fiske's voice. She looks up to see him standing there telling her that there are things far worse than death. He tells her to face her fear and find the truth that is waiting for her. She pulls herself together, uses her trenchcoat to hide the stab wound, and marches down the hallway and knocks on Ellen's door. Wow. Glenn Close did an amazing job looking deeply injured, in shock, but ready to tell the truth. The tears, the pained expressions. All of it was amazingly acted. So now it is after the meeting, Ellen has left, Patty has found her truth, and is now slumped once again against the elevator door, but the situation is far more dire. She is covered in mascara and blood and barely manages to stumble into the elevator. It is a haunting mirror of how Ellen fled her apartment covered in blood last season, but, you know, done better because it is Glenn Close, who can act, instead of Rose Byrne, who can't.

Eleven minutes left! Agent Glenn runs into the hotel and starts frantically pushing the Up button on the elevator. Wes, meanwhile, is still running down the stairs looking for Ellen. Agent Glenn finds Patty gasping for breath in the elevator. He calls someone who tells him just to get to the courthouse pronto. Agent Glenn warns the (obvious ass) on the phone that if he leaves Patty there, she is going to die. The voice says it is not his problem. Agent Glenn, having no spine or free will, runs off leaving Patty to die. Luckily, our hero Wes stumbles on Patty and rushes her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ellen is meeting with the judge and slides the briefcase full of cash across the table to him. In the hospital, Patty, whose entire face is covered in blood (kind of like the cover of Phil Collins' "No Jacket Required"), asks Wes who he is. He tells her not to talk. Back at the courthouse, the judge checks the contents of the briefcase and announces that the UNR codes will be allowed into evidence. Ellen gets up to leave, but Agent Glenn and a team of Feds nab her and the judge and take them both into custody for bribery. Ellen is shocked and confused to see Agent Glenn and accuses him of working for Patty. As Agent Glenn marches her down the hallway, a man steps around the corner, pulls out a badge, and orders him to step away from the prisoner. He protests that she is in his custody and a woman smiles that now he is in their custody. Let me introduce Cynthia Shays, Assistant US Attorney. The woman steps to the side and reveals Tom standing behind his sister with a half grin on his face. Ellen stands staring slack jawed at Tom and asks what is going on. Good question, my dear.

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