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In an interrogation room, Cynthia Shays plays Agent Glenn a recording that Patty made of her meeting with Dave Pell. Oh shit, she was wired! I love her. Agent Glenn listens closely and identifies Dave Pell. Cynthia asks him how he knows Dave Pell. Agent Glenn doesn't answer and she leans forward and reminds him that they know the entire investigation was corrupt. Behind the one-way mirror, Tom and Ellen watch the proceedings. Ellen realizes that Patty set the whole thing up and Tom confirms that once Patty realized what was going on, she reached out to him. He told his sister and now the US Attorney's office knows everything. Cynthia Shays tells Agent Glenn that Dave Pell is going to jail. Cut to Dave Pell being arrested and pulled out of his office. Cut back to Cynthia telling Agent Glenn that he can go to jail too, but Agent Glenn wants to cut a deal. Tom shows Ellen the fancy jumpdrive that Patty got from Dave Pell. It has all the evidence they need to arrest Walter Kendrick. Cut to Walter Kendrick getting thrown against a car and handcuffed. Ellen thanks Tom. Why is Ellen forgiven? Even if Patty managed to bring down UNR and gut the FBI of a corrupt investigator, Ellen was still acting as an informant. Why is she all BFF with Tom again? Eh. It's a pretty good finale, otherwise.

One month later. Patty is at her beach house when Tom comes to visit her. He asks how she is doing. Patty explains that her doctor told her to put her mind in neutral. She and Tom both giggle over the likelihood of that happening. Tom reports that the EPA has begun cleaning up the Aricite contamination of West Virginia. Patty smiles. Tom asks her if she's had any word from Ellen. She checked out of the hotel weeks ago. He's tried to call, but her phone's been cut off and all his emails bounce back. Cut to Ellen. She's sitting at David's grave talking about her new-found resolution. Cut back to Tom and Patty and Tom asking Patty what she said to Ellen in that hotel room. Cut back to Ellen telling David that she is just so glad that it's all over. She met someone and she thinks he would like him. (Yeah, I'm sure David would be wild about you meeting someone. Especially someone who was actually hired to kill you, even pointed the gun at your head, but backed down at the last minute. I'm sure David would just love that guy.) Back to Patty telling Tom that she is going to stay out there for a while, but she wants to know when Ellen calls. Tom doesn't think she's going to call. Ellen tells David that she got a job offer and she thinks she is going to take it. But Patty assures him that Ellen will be back. Tom leaves, Ellen gets up, Patty starts walking. Ellen walks. Patty walks. The End. See you next season!

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