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Ellen enters Patty's office and Patty hands her a folder with information that the judge needs to make his ruling. Ellen realizes it is the SUV code and reminds Patty that it is inadmissible. Instead of bitchsmacking Ellen for being annoying, Patty stares at her quietly (she's probably counting to ten) and Ellen asks if Patty made arrangements to pay off the judge. When Patty still doesn't answer Ellen asks why she fired Tom. Patty finally answers, but just to say that she would prefer not to talk about it. Ellen sallies forth with her line of questioning, wanting to know what Patty is going to do and when she is going to do it. Patty has given up counting and moved on to deep breathing, but she can't help but blurt, "Who says I'm going to do anything?" Which is a good question, and an especially good one when you know you are under federal investigation and you can't trust anyone. When Ellen pushes her that she has no alternative, Patty reminds her that the alternative is to believe in the law and the Anglo-American system of justice. Ellen snorts and walks out, but Patty stops her at the door and tells her to find out the judge's terms. Oh Patty, just when I thought you were being all smart and suspicious. How disappointing.

Mr. Cheeseburger is waiting on a bench for Wes to come and give him news of Ellen's demise. Wes reports that Ellen is alive and well and he is not going to kill her. Cheeseburger is disappointed in him. Wes tells him that he doesn't care what he is going to do to him, he is out. Cheeseburger stares at Wes's back as he walks away. I agree, Cheeseburger, it is fun to watch him walk away. Cheeseburger looks like someone punched him in the gut. He's such a bully! It's fun to see someone stand up to him.

Against his better judgment, Tom goes to meet Ellen in a café. She tries to act like she didn't just set him up in an FBI dragnet, but her attempts at friendliness are cut off when he bluntly asks her what she wants. Ellen condescendingly tells him that she's sorry, but he is better off being away from Patty when it all goes down. Tom rolls his eyes and totally takes her to the mat for being incredibly egotistical, joining Patty's inner circle for "god knows why" after only six months (thank you, that is what I have been saying all season), and all Ellen had to do was be loyal. Ellen scoffs at Tom's idea that this is about loyalty, but Tom won't listen to her. Patty is no saint, but she works hard for the cases she cares about, people no one else cares about. Tom doesn't understand why Ellen is doing this and Ellen strangely doesn't seize her big opportunity to tell Tom that Patty tried to have her killed. That would explain her deviousness and intense desire to hurt Patty and would probably get Tom on her side. But does she do it? No. Tom gets up to leave and Ellen snootily reminds him not to do anything stupid like tip Patty off, because the FBI could still use everything they have against him. Tom shakes his fist at her and shouts, "You whippersnapper! It wasn't illegal. Unethical, yes, but nothing the Feds care about!" Well, the Tom of my dreams does anyway. This Tom just walks away.

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