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Ellen has been around these conniving decepticons long enough to know that if a cop waltzes into your office and tells you to keep your mouth shut he is probably up to no good. Luckily she has her well-coiffed private investigator to, er, investigate him. At a meeting at a diner, Ellen and Katie (who has woefully managed to avoid assassination) get the low down on Cheeseburger. By the way, I just realized who this guy is. And with a little IMDB action I can report that the guy playing the honey-haired PI is Kevin Kilner. A man who has quite the resume, having done turns on pretty much every major network television drama you can name. We're talking Judging Amy to Murder She Wrote to Medical Investigation to Knot's Landing to One Tree Hill to Cashmere Mafia to Dollhouse. I'm sure he's thrilled to be employed so regularly on so many different shows, but why is he only in a few episodes and then never seen again? I mean he's a good enough actor to get cast, but then he quickly gets moved to another project. Did he give Steven Spielberg herpes or something? Anyway, he is here now and he tells Ellen that Cheeseburger checks out. He's been on the force for twenty years and has commendations and is a stand up guy. Ellen's glad that he can be trusted. She gives the PI the file on the cop who Cheeseburger shot in a commendable and stand up way. Katie once again swears that was the cop who was following her and the PI keeps the file. To take with him to the set of Ugly Betty or wherever he is headed next.

Frobisher (Frobisher?!) calls his ex-wife to gush about his new building. He is animated about the many green aspects of the building. He also tells her that he is excited for meeting up with her and the kids and is just so darn excited about the future. Um...was there a point to this scene? I mean other than the obvious PSA about "going green."

Patty is reading the paper in the morning when Michael (a.k.a. Dickhead) comes downstairs. She tells him that she read his college essay and found a stack of unopened college applications. Dickhead calmly nods that he is not going to college. When Patty barks, "Why not?" he takes a bite of his apple and tells her that he did it for her. He's not going to college because she needs a man in her life and there is no one left. Patty stares icily at him as he walks out of the room. The strength in that woman to not just up and strangle that kid! And, while I'm sure the actor playing young Dickhead is a perfectly charming and well-mannered young man, this character he is portraying makes me want to pop his head like a pimple.

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