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Mors Dicitur Ultimum Supplicium

Agent Glenn returns home from his night of debauchery shouting to see if MVP wants breakfast. He stops in his tracks and stares. The camera pans first to the spoon, the lighter, and the white powder. Then it goes to the syringe and finally rests on MVP with his arm in a tourniquet and his eyes dull. He's totally dead. NOOOO! No one wears tight shirts like he does. Agent Glenn is horrified and stumbles out of the room. He apparently called Mr. No-Name for a meeting because the next thing we see is him hot boxing a cigarette in a stairwell waiting for someone to show up. We see the man's back first and Agent Glenn starts berating him for killing MVP when he swore he was going to play along. The man turns and we see it is Lester. Whoa. Expected, but whoa. He corrects Agent Glenn's misconception: MVP was not playing along. He had called his higher ups and was going to collect evidence against Agent Glenn. There was no choice but to kill him. Besides, rumor had it he was a drug addict. Oh poor MVP! It's just all wrong. Agent Glenn doesn't really buy it, but Lester assures him that the Deputy Director of the FBI knew he had an interest in the case and told him about MVP's call. And, yes, Agent Glenn, your supervisor knows too. Lester tells him to man up, stop crying, and bring him the head of Patty Hewes.

Cut to Ellen and Patty in the hotel room. Ellen drinking, Patty crying, Agent Glenn watching, Ellen firing, Agent Glenn running. He rushes to the hotel room as a stunned, traumatized, and bloody Patty stumbles out of the room. In a haunting echo of Ellen's bloody run from Patty's apartment last year, Patty stumbles down the hallway covered in blood and looking horrified. She wipes blood on the walls and collapses into the elevator.

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