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Oh god. Walter Kendrick is in the bathroom again. Please don't smash anyone's head into a urinal today, I just can't stomach it. Lester a.k.a. Dave comes out of the other stall um... wow. Parallel pooping. They must be good friends. Kendrick asks if they have a new energy secretary yet and Lester stifles a giggle as he tells him it is Phil Gray. Kendrick looks horrified at the possibility of Patty's husband becoming Energy Secretary and Lester giggles that he thought it would be in their best interest to add some family drama to the Hewes household. Kendrick giggles at the audacity, but stops laughing as soon as Lester tells him to settle the lawsuit ASAP. Kendrick refuses to back down, but he is totally Lester's bitch. Outside the bathroom, there's a party going on, which appears to be in honor of Claire Maddox's 20 years at the firm. Kendrick toasts her very warmly, everyone claps, and then it's her turn. She chokes up as she talks about how much she loves the company despite its murderous, profit uber allis, environment-killing ways. She takes a moment to thank Kendrick for believing in her. As everyone claps, an older man comes up to say goodbye. It's her father and he is unimpressed with his daughter's party and with Walter Kendrick. Claire looks sad as Kendrick pulls her aside for a bit of business. He wants her to settle the suit. She protests because the stock price is going up and the suit no longer has any merit. Kendrick points out that he made "his" decision and leaves it at that. If Claire is right and the stock price is rebounding wouldn't it look a tetch suspicious if Kendrick just throws $50 million at it to make it go away? As Kendrick walks away, Claire looks like she is putting some pieces together.

So I know you were all dying to know about Patty's son's girlfriend right? I mean that question first popped up in episode one and then all the, you know, all that filler about Daniel Purcell and UNR and murderous plots and the Cheeseburger thing got in the way and it was like the writers completely forgot to answer the most important question of this entire show: Who is dating Patty's son? Like the presence of the polar bears on the Island in Lost. It took them, like, four seasons to explain that. But you know what? After years of fans berating them for an answer, the writers are finally introducing who Patty's aggravatingly mush-mouthed teenage son is dating! Whee! So who is it? It's a girl! A punk rock girl! With loads of black eyeliner, pink streaks in her hair, and a leather jacket! She has a potty mouth, a neck tattoo, multiple piercings and a spunky attitude. Perfect for Little Lord Assface. The icing on the cake? She works in a gallery. Oh the shame! Oh the humanity! How will Phil ever become Energy Secretary with this new skeleton in his closet?

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