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Mors Dicitur Ultimum Supplicium

Our beloved co-habitating FBI agents are headed out to work when Agent Glenn has to run upstairs because he forgot his ID. As soon as he heads up, his forgotten phone starts to vibrate. MVP goes to check it out (they do live together so I guess they can answer each others' phones. I'm not sure though. Does Emily Post have a ruling on this?) When MVP sees that it is "Pam" calling he decides to take matters into his own hands. He answers and tells Pam to leave poor Agent Glenn alone especially since she was the one who left him. MVP gets a big surprise when the voice on the line is male. Uh oh, Agent Glenn's been lying to his BFF.

Ellen's mom is visiting her daughter's hotel room and can't help but make the bed despite the fact that it is a hotel and has maids for that sort of thing. Ellen's mom makes some remarks about how it is embarrassing that she doesn't know what case Ellen is working on and can't tell her friends at the grocery store. Ellen tells her that work is work, so her mom starts on how she is doing and Ellen freaks out while claiming that she is okay. Her mom stops her and looks her in the eyes and tells her that lies make baby Jesus cry. As her mother she knows when she is hurting. Ellen doesn't say anything. Patty is sitting in her office when Ellen knocks on the door. Patty yells at her for being late. Again. When Ellen explains that she was having breakfast with her mother, Patty tells her to "live her life on her own time", which I'm pretty sure didn't make the short list for Successories posters. As Ellen tersely smiles and turns away, Patty stops her and asks about her relationship with her mother. Um, Patty? Remember that medication we discussed? Well I think it might be time to revisit the subject. Ellen turns around with a serious WTF face as Patty tells her that she can always talk to her. Ellen shakes her head and heads to her office only to be stopped again by Patty who calls her back and tells her to shut the door. At first I think she is going to ream Ellen for her snotty looks and eye rolls, but instead she asks her if she knows anything about her son's new girlfriend. Michael. His name is Michael. Thanks show! Ellen doesn't know anything and Patty asks when she introduced David to her parents. Ellen smiles that it was easy because David was every parent's dream what with being all pre-med and preppy. Patty looks grim. This better have something to do with UNR or I am going to be extremely annoyed at having to recap stupid Michael's stupid prep school rebellion with a stupid girl. Seriously.

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