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Mors Dicitur Ultimum Supplicium

UGH!!! Phil and Patty are at dinner guessing what Michael is bringing to dinner. Patty laughs that if there is one tattoo or piercing she is walking out. Oh, better trade your sensible pumps for some Reeboks, Patty! Michael rounds the corner just then and they are hiding the girl, so I am thinking we are in for a surprise of some sort. Sure enough the girl Michael introduces isn't Punk Rock Girl, but is the owner of the gallery. She is pretty, brunette, zero tattoos (although there is probably a tramp stamp lurking under her sensibly conservative dress) and seriously older than Michael. Patty starts grilling her about her CV and when she admits that she taught at Columbia from 1988 to 1992, Patty just about gags. Patty looks at Michael and he sort of smirks. As Phil orders up another bottle of wine, Michael asks for four glasses. Patty coolly tells him no and reminds the table at large that he is only eighteen. Her face is a complete mask when she asks if Mary Kay Letourneau over there has any children. I laughed at that one.

Family Day on Damages continues with Claire Maddox and her father getting lunch. When she asks about his retirement, he asks about grandchildren. They argue about whether her mother was depressed and how he lived overseas and didn't know anything. When he pushes her she replies that she is the general counsel for one of the largest energy companies in the world and she is the only woman in the world with that job. He is unimpressed and asks her what she has to look forward to. At that she gives up, collects her things, thanks her dad for coming into town for her party, kisses him on the head and leaves him at the restaurant. Ah the plight of women. Is that the new theme for this show?

Agent Glenn is smoking on a rooftop. Oh sure, now you tell us that Agent Glenn is a smoker. Now we know he is a bad guy. MVP joins him on the roof and asks him when he started smoking. He makes some crack about getting a divorce and MVP calls him out. He knows that Agent Glenn hasn't spoken to Pam in months. All those phone calls were with some man. MVP wants to know what the hell is going on. Agent Glenn dithers a bit and MVP gets mad and demands to know who was on the damn phone. Agent Glenn comes clean: he doesn't know who the guy is. It is some guy who has an interest in the outcome of their investigation of Patty. The guy calls him and from time to time gives him money for an update. He justifies it as getting additional money for doing the same work. And he's broke and doesn't feel like he has a choice. He offers to cut MVP in or get him the same deal with the no-name guy. MVP asks again whether Mr. No-Name has sought any additional information or action or anything and Agent Glenn swears no. MVP looks torn.

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