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Mors Dicitur Ultimum Supplicium

Patty and her dickwad son have an awkward interaction over some oolong where Patty is pretending to act nice about her son's decrepit girlfriend while Michael stares through his hair with a half smirk waiting for his mom's head to explode. Why am I supposed to care about this plotline? I get enough of awkward family interactions over on Brothers & Sisters. I don't need it here, too. Mary Kay better turn out to be one of Finn Garrity's hoochies or Walter Kendrick's granddaughter or Rupert Murdoch is going to get a strongly worded letter from one ticked off recapper. Patty pretends to be thrilled that Michael trusted her to introduce his parents to this *cough* girl who is so important to him. She knows her parents wouldn't have understood. There is something so aggravating about her tone of liberal understanding, like, she is so much bigger than a mere age difference, she is open minded, and extremely proud of her open mindedness. I mean if Mary Kay was black on top of being older I think Patty would pee her pants with liberal open-minded glee. Like she has been waiting her whole life to get the chance to be so open minded! Did she ever mention that she marched on Washington? Michael chews his cud, sniffs her tea, and snorts that it's the wrong kind. I really hate that kid.

Against her will (and much better judgment) Claire Maddox sits in Patty's office and offers a settlement. The two smart, tough litigators sit across from each other feigning ease and, really, these two are fantastic actors and seeing them in a scene together just leaves you begging for more. I still have fantasies of these two teaming up and taking down Kendrick. Anyway, Claire offers a settlement and Patty wants a number. Claire won't give one because she thinks the whole offer and counteroffer debate is total yawnsville. She'd much rather go to court and she bets Patty would too. She knows Patty doesn't care about the shareholders. She cares about revenge for the embarrassment Daniel Purcell (who?) dished out on the witness stand. Claire understands that. But her boss doesn't. So Claire offered the settlement as instructed and now she is leaving. She gets up to go, but Patty stops her with a question: what was she doing representing a hooker? Claire looks a little surprised, but covers it beautifully with the legalese response that the girl needed a lawyer. Patty nods and then asks why Finn Garrity didn't need a lawyer? Claire has no idea who Finn Garrity is and Patty suggests she asks her boss. Then she tells Claire to triple the settlement number (whatever it is) and start from there.

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