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Mors Dicitur Ultimum Supplicium

Claire and Daniel meet up at Claire's apartment or a hotel room. Claire is upset about her findings and she has been washing down her sorrow with scotch. She thanks Daniel for the reports and it is eminently evident that the final report was doctored. Daniel is sorry about her fallen hero in Kendrick. Claire shrugs and throws Daniel on the bed. She missed him. Or she's drunk. As Claire and Daniel go at it, we cut to someone watching the scene on a laptop. Someone has Claire's apartment under surveillance? Is Daniel Purcell playing two sides again? This whole show is playing like a cautionary tale today.

Agent Glenn (who is the most likely culprit in the Claire stake out) comes out of his room to where MVP is sitting on the couch enjoying a much deserved after work beer. As Agent Glenn gets ready to go out, MVP stares at him. He wants in. Agent Glenn is psyched, but he wants to meet the guy first. Agent Glenn agrees to set it up and then heads out on his "date".

There's a knock on Wes's door. He looks through the peephole, pauses, thinks about it for a minute, and then opens the door to Ellen. She asks if she can come in. Cut back to MVP on the couch. He hears a door slam and calls out to Glenn for being back so soon. It's not Glenn. It's two men in leather jackets. Cut back to Ellen wrapped in a sheet and sitting forlornly on Wes's bed. (Naughty!) Wes asks if she is leaving and she says no, but doesn't really move. Wes figures out that something is bugging her and comes close to her to ask what it is. She tells him that she probably shouldn't have told him about almost getting killed, but since she did and needs someone to talk to, she's going to tell him the rest. Her boss tried to kill her because she had information on her. Wes asks why she is still working for a homicidal maniac and Ellen explains that she's not. She's working for the FBI. We flash back to Ellen meeting with the FBI for the first time in the limo with George Nye and her decision to act as an informant. It cuts back to her and Wes talking about it and then back to her getting out of the limo where she met with the agents and we see her walk past Wes who is on the phone, undoubtedly to Mr. Cheeseburger, reporting about her activities. As Wes hugs Ellen, he shoots the camera a serious Blue Steel gaze.

The first thing out of Mr. Cheeseburger's mouth is, "Why is Ellen Parsons still alive?" What, no hello? Wes explains that he knows why Ellen is meeting with the Feds. He explains about the whole cooperating witness thing, but Mr. Cheeseburger really doesn't care that Ellen is more concerned with bringing down Patty than exacting vengeance on Frobisher. Mr. Cheeseburger explains that this isn't about Frobisher, it's about him. Wes has to kill Ellen or else Mr. Cheeseburger will go to Wes's old lieutenant and tell him what he knows and Wes will go to jail forever. But, Wes. Couldn't you go to jail forever for killing Ellen? Why not just take Cheeseburger down instead and keep getting nookie from Ellen? Or turn yourself in and take down Cheeseburger IAB style? Just don't be silly. You're too cute to be stupid.

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