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Play It Again, Sam

A loud knocking on Wes's door. He looks through the peep hole and then opens it. He just stands there puzzled for a minute, then says, "Hey." Ellen walks in. He asks if everything's okay, and she says everything's fine. She says that Katie said she called off their date. He says, "Yeah." And then she starts making out with him as very ominous piano music plays. They start undressing each other and I have to admit to actually cringing when he undresses her because she is such a skeleton. She looked so much better than this last season. And then he sort of roughly throws her down on the bed, and I honestly fear that she might break in half. Poor Timothy Olyphant having to do that to such a little rail. I wouldn't want to be the actor who broke an anorexic.

Wes looks smug and satisfied when he sees Cheeseburger again. Cheeseburger asks if he talked to Katie, and Wes says he did. He says they know about the security company -- that Patty connected Frobisher to the security firm. He says they also think a cop murdered David. Cheeseburger asks if they suspect anyone in particular. Wes says not that he knows of. And then he asks what they're doing. Cheeseburger says Ellen's getting closer, but Wes says Ellen doesn't even know Cheeseburger exists. Cheeseburger tells Wes to "take her out. Make it look like an accident. Do it, and you're done." I don't think Wes wants to follow that order.

Next week: Lulu Bates will be back to give you all the insight as Ellen tells Wes that someone tried to kill her. She knows she's crazy to tell him this, but SHE DOES IT ANYWAY. As she sheds a tear. She tells him she needs to talk about it or she'll lose her mind as she breaks down. Patty asks Ellen, "Why all the secrecy?" Wes tells Cheeseburger that the FBI is using Ellen against Patty. Patty tells Tom (or someone) she wants more details on "those two," and we see Wes and Ellen making out from this episode, so I think that's who "those two" means. Cheeseburger says "she knows too much," and "make it look like an accident" (wait; that was from this episode, too; stop trying to trick us, preview people). Wes asks Ellen to get away, just the two of them, and she looks surprised. So, does he want to save her or kill her?

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