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Play It Again, Sam

Finn's brought in to meet with Dave at his club. Dave says there's a new itinerary. Finn wonders if they're going on a trip in the same car. Dave thinks they'll try a new location; he'll be contacted with new codes. Finn wonders if there's anything salty around here, like nuts. Dave thinks they probably have some, but Finn's already moved on, saying that the Chinese mix with the wasabi peas would be even better. Dave says that's fine, but first he'd like to know how Finn's meetings are going. Finn wonders what Dave's talking about, but then realizes and says, "You mean for the..." and touches his nose. He says he's totally kicked the stuff, and that the girl is history, too. Dave says these are smart moves, because in order for Dave to ensure his continued success, he can't do anything like that again. Finn sets his drink down and tells Dave that if he knows another trader who can do what he does to use him, but otherwise to stay out of his face. He tells Dave to forget about the nuts, gets up and leaves. Man, that guy is weird.

Wes is playing pool with Katie and Ellen. Katie's flirting with him, as Ellen sits and coolly watches. Wes makes cute about how he's pretending to not be good at pool so that he can win big later. She knocks a ball in, apparently proving to him and the world how good she is, so he acknowledges that maybe he is just terrible. Katie's going to get a club soda, and asks if anyone needs anything. No one does, but Wes tells her that staying off the sauce is smart, so she can stay sharp when he mounts his comeback. Despite the really ridiculous repartee, these two actually have much more chemistry than Ellen and Wes, but that might be because a) Katie smiles and b) Katie's not anorexic. Wes apologizes to Ellen for being a third wheel, but she says "No, it's fine." And she does sort of half smile, but it's forced.

Patty's looking sadly at herself in a mirror when Phil walks up behind her and asks how she's doing. He is apparently not good at interpreting his wife's facial expressions, so he must ask this question even though we can all see the answer is: not good. He says his instinct is to cancel the dinner party they're hosting, but that it might be nice for her to have some friends around. She says that's fine. He asks if they know how Uncle Pete died, and she says the hospital is still investigating, but she thinks he killed himself or had someone help him do it, because he was trying to protect her. Phil tells her to look at him. He tells her to drop the UNR case (hmmm ... is this because he actually cares about Patty, or because he is now invested in the freaking company? Again: IDIOT.), but she says she can't do that. He says she's confirmed the FBI is targeting her, and she says yes, and as far as she's concerned, they killed Uncle Pete. They're trying to intimidate her and get her to back down. Phil asks who "they" are and she says the FBI, the government, Walter Kendrick, and UNR, who are all the same to her. He thinks she's paranoid, but she says they're closing in on her: They approached Ellen, and Pete. Phil says, "And look what happened." He asks her again to "Please stop." She says no. She's not going to let them get away with it. Man, is this ever going to get ugly when she finds out what he's up to himself with UNR.

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